Most popular Smartphone models


World today is highly interconnected and public is fully in touch with every latest technological discovery and to this extent they are willing to buy most recent Smartphones to experience the wonderful inventions handily. But the problem starts when folks start looking for best Smartphone around since market is heavily loaded with tens of models by various companies and they just don’t know how one product differs from the other. In such a case, most popular Smartphone reviews are extremely helpful as they ease up the selection process by highlighting few top ranked models that are currently adored by the people.


Samsung Galaxy S II GT-I9100 Phone


Most popular Smartphone reviews It is definitely not erroneous to state that Samsung Galaxy S II GT-I9100 Phone is the best ever Smartphone made by Samsung and almost every media magazine as well as technical newspaper acknowledged this fact because Galaxy S II model, without even slightest doubt, deserves this high level of respect. It is extremely sleek, light weighted and stylish to impress any Smartphone lover plus its mighty 4.3 inch Super Amoled plus display, with 480 x 800 resolution, and 8.1MP rear camera delivers breathtaking visual performance. Gorilla glass saves the screen from ugly looking scratches to offer you crystal clear 1080p self recorded HD videos.



Samsung Galaxy Note N7000 smartphone


Samsung Galaxy Note N7000 is something really new! But why people say this? The answer lays in its mighty huge 5.3” WXGA HD Super Amoled plus display. There’s hardly any other smartphone in the market with this much gigantic display and 8MP rear camera with LED flashlight to assist you in taking quality picture without even caring about the lighting conditions. With 285 pixels per inch, stunning 1280 x 800 resolution display and latest Android’s gingerbread, Samsung Note proudly stands out from the overcrowded Smartphones market.



HTC Sensation XE Z715E Android Phone


HTC is also making a lot of name in Smartphones market with HTC Sensation XE Z715E Android Phone with Dr.Dre audio beats headset and exceedingly fast 1.5 GHz processor. HTC sensation is indeed an entertainment house with its crystal clear audio system and 8MP main camera that shoots at 1080p to offer users an experience that cannot be fully described in words. The stylish gorilla glass based LCD display does not show any sort of blurry effects or lags. You are surely not to receive any “battery-low” notification up to 12-15 hours of usage even if Wi-Fi or music player is turned on.



Samsung Galaxy Nexus S phone


Galaxy nexus has gained enormous fame in 2019 due to its 1 GHz Hummingbird processor, Android Gingerbread operating system and stunning Google voice recognition feature. Google experience is not as much in-depth in any other Smartphone currently and to this extent Samsung Galaxy Nexus S phone is well esteemed in every part of world. With sleek design, extremely elegant 4-inch super amoled screen and 5MP camera, this smartphone is indeed worth purchasing. It is recognized to offer exceptionally pulsating multimedia results that are worth sharing on social networking tools with friends and family.



BlackBerry 8520 smartphone


People always seek for a high-end smartphone that is equipped with every latest technological invention and most popular smartphone reviews tell that BlackBerry 8520 smartphone is one of such revolutionary phone available in stores. With its full QWERTY keyboard texting and emailing is a whole new experience, plus the dazzling TFT screen of 65,000 colors dramatically modernizes the multimedia experience. It is not made to disappoint end users, with different kinds of non-compatibility popup messages on playing videos of diverse formats like H.263, H.264, WMV3, AVI as well as MP4, or “battery-low” messages even after 5 hours of nonstop utilization.