Most popular Table Saws models


For all the handymen out there, even if you have great skills on woodworks if you have substandard tools, then the skills would be futile. One of the many things that a handyman should invest on is a great table saw. It is a piece of equipment that is essential to any workshop as it is utilized to groove, rip, miter, join pieces together and shape effortlessly. Any wood work task will becomes convenient to do and the complex tasks become less difficult. You have to get the best quality equipment that is solid, smooth and utilized through its options. It is imperative that you choose one that has a powerful motor that can cut through with ease on different kinds of wood. The list below might help you choose as these are the most popular table saw reviews.


Dewalt DW744XRS 10 inch Job Site Table Saw with Rolling Stand


Most popular Table Saw reviews The design of Dewalt DW744XRS 10 inch Job Site Table Saw with Rolling Stand was made so it will be easier to move around. And this model that has a portable design comes with a standard 15 amp. motor with a max rip of 24 – ½ inches that is remarkable. It has a solid site pro modular guardian system that includes a miter gauge, a compact rolling stand and a push stick which is best for transferring from one place to another. Because of the high powered motor and the saw which is a 10 inch blade that spins at 3650 rpm speed for sharper and cleaner cuts, this model is the leading choice by many technicians.



Dewalt DW745 10inch Compact Job Site Table Saw with 16 inch Max Rip


Currently one of the most top rated table saws based on reviews emphasizes the high standard and quality of this particular model. This is equipped with site – pro modular system that keeps perfect and safe usage every time the user turns it on.  Dewalt DW745 10 inch Compact Job Site Table Saw with 16 inch Max Rip has a 15 amp motor and a 16 inch rip capability, push stick, blade guards and a 10 inch (24 tooth) carbide blade which allows the user to accomplish his tasks with precision.



Bosch 4100-09 10inch Worksite Table Saw with Gravity Rise Stand


This Bosch table saw model is different from the other table saws in the market because of its increased portability because of its advanced gravity rise stand. A lot of the products in the market are really difficult to transfer, if it can be moved at all. The table is made out of aluminium which it makes it more durable, equipped with 15 amp motor that produces a max of 4HP and 3650 RPM for accurate and precise cuts. The features are truly awesome that’s why it made it to the list of the most popular table saw reviews.



Bosch 4100DG-09 10inch Worksite Table Saw With Gravity Rise Stand and Digital Rip Fence


Like all the great table saws in the market today, it has a gravity rise stand, and a 15 amp motor that creates 3650 rpm and a maximum of 4 HP for perfect and faster cuts that allows the user to be able to use it on a variety of kinds of woods. Moreover, this particular design has a soft start fast response electronic features that makes it easier to operate.



Bosch 4100 10 inch Worksite table Saw


Last on the list of the most popular table saw reviews is Bosch 4100 provides a wide array of features and choices that allows the user to cut with increased accuracy. It is designed with square lock rip fence along with auxiliary fence, modular smart guard system, riving knife, anti-kickback pawls and professional blade guard.