Most popular Toys for 3 Year old Kids models


As parents, you want to give your children the best, even the best toys to play with. It’s best that you seek for toys that not only fun, but will be able to develop some skills, and those that are educational. Nowadays, even toys for tots are keeping up with the latest technological innovations and that’s really amazing, you just have to find the best ones that are suitable for your kids. To help you pick a toy for your 3 year old kid, take look at the most popular toys for 3 years old kids reviews.


Alex Ready, Set, School Activity Box


Most popular Toys for 3 Years old Kids reviews  With a colourful design and fun activities, this has been included in the top toys for tots in 2019. Alex Ready, Set, School Activity Box is a skill building toy set for kids where they could learn to tie their shoe, to write alphabet, to cut, and so much more, it is a great preparation for 3 year old children prior to going to school. In addition to that, there are a lot of hands on activities that the kids would enjoy and it comes with a reusable bow with handle.



LeapFrog LeapPad1 Explorer


 It’s like a tablet for kids! LeapFrog LeapPad1 Explorer allows your kids to have fun while learning. Some of its features include educational games and apps, digital books, flash cards, it also has a built in camera and a video recorded, this toy has a 5 inch touch screen that comes with 4 applications. In addition to that this leapfrog explorer has a 2 GB of memory and this advanced educational toy for the kids has a broad curriculum, and levels that would keep up and adjust according to your child’s capability and progress. These fun features earned it a place in the most popular toys for 3 years old kids reviews.



Fisher-Price Fun-2-Learn Limited Edition Computer Cool School


 This is a limited edition toy from Fisher Price that is fun for kids but more importantly, educational as well. Some of its features include: a kid friendly keyboard (QWERTY), it also have writing tablet with stylus and a CD ROM software. In addition to that there is a selection of 5 learning centers – Math, Arts, Reading & Writing, Science and Music, The reward certificated in the game and supplemental worksheet activities can be printed.



LeapFrog Leapster2 learning Game System


Next on the list of the most popular toys for 3 years old kids reviews is the Leapfrog Leapster 2.  It’s one of the leapfrogs innovative toys that have several features such as: It provides an online experience for the kids that are fun and educational that the parents can monitor, has a built in library of more than 30 fun educational games featuring some of the characters that the kids love. There are several subjects to choose from Arts, Language, Math, Science and Reading. In addition to that, parents can connect to the internet and check how their child is doing.



Tomy Gearation


 Also considered as one of the best toys for 3 year olds, Tomy gearation is a fun toy for the tots that will develop their creativity. Some of the features of this top include: 11 colorful rotating and turning goofy gears, it has a magnetic board; kids will be able to observe the gears as they whirl, flip, spin and turn.