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Mr. Heater Big Buddy reviewsDuring cold season, you really have to secure that you get ample heat for comfortable living. However, as circumstances would have it, sometimes you would experience power outrages that cut off your main heating source. With this, you must have an emergency plan. A portable heater is a great emergency heating source. Because it is easy to set up and use, many people are getting interested in this device. So if you are one of these people, you should continue reading this article as we will give you a brief Mr. Heater Big Buddy review, one portable heater that you can consider. In this article, we will lay down to you all the features and specifications that Mr. Heater Big Buddy carries under its belt. With this, we hope that this article can help you decide whether this particular portable heater model is perfect for your emergency needs.


Mr. Heater Big Buddy has the features that most people are looking for in an emergency heating source. First off, it is very quick to set up and easy to use. Even if you have no prior experience in using a portable heater, you will not find it hard to use and operate Mr. Heater Big Buddy. With this, you can enjoy always having a heat source, especially during the days when power is cut off without advance notice. Aside from having a hassle free operation, Mr. Heater Big Buddy is very easy to carry around. It can easily be moved to different parts of your house.



Another great feature of this portable heater is that it is fuelled by a propane tank. As propane is one of the most stable fuels around, you can expect it to store for a long time without degradation. With this, you do not have to worry about always buying new fuels or throwing away unused ones. Furthermore, Mr. Heater Big Buddy has high heat output. Despite being compact and portable, it gives high BTUs to keep your house warm. Actually, it has three heat settings, low (which gives 4000 BTUs), medium (9000 BTU output), and high (18000 BTU output). Aside from all these, the most important quality of Mr. Heater Big Buddy is that it is very safe to use indoors. It features automatic shut off for accidental tip-over and has fume safety.


All in all, the Mr. Heater Big Buddy gets high ratings from its users. It is a really great portable heater during those days that you faced power cut offs. Many Mr. Heater Big Buddy customer reports actually attested to its power and reliability. So if you are still looking for a great back up plan, then the Mr. Heater Big Buddy definitely qualifies.