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Napoleon PTSS215PI reviewsFor people who love to have their barbeque anywhere, may it be in the comfort of their own backyard or in the middle of the woods, having a portable grill with a lot of cooking area seems to be the perfect choice. One barbeque griller that offers these features is the Napoleon PTSS215PI. It has a wide cooking space and additional warming rack, so you won’t feel cramped when cooking. It is also foldable so you can easily bring it around with you anywhere, without taking too much space in your trunk or adding much weight on your already heavy. With these features, you are sure to enjoy authentic barbeque tastes wherever you may be. To further know about this griller, we will be giving you a brief Napoleon PTSS215PI review in this article. We will be discussing its important features and specifications so that you can decide whether Napoleon PTSS215PI is definitely fitted to your lifestyle.

The Napoleon PTSS215PI is not big on design as it is very simple, but it surely makes up for it with its powerful performance. Its 14000 BTU stainless steel bar burner is more than enough to heat the primary cooking space, which is vital for excellent cooking. Since heat is distributed over the cooking space, all food is cooked evenly, and you can make sure that no part is left undercooked or overcooked. Aside from its powerful burners, the Napoleon PTSS215PI offers a wide cooking area.



Considering that this particular griller is portable, its 215 square inches surely is big. Aside from its primary cooking area, the Napoleon PTSS215PI also offers additional 105 square inches of warming rack to hold ingredients or other pertinent cooking utilities. What is good with this warming rack is that it can be folded out of the way when you do not need it. Another great feature of this grill is its lid that can be closed down tightly, which is very useful especially during difficult weather.

All in all, this grill has successfully combined portability and wide cooking area to cater all those who love to have barbeque nights anywhere. It is not shocking why a lot of Napoleon PTSS215PI customer reports only have good words for it, except maybe for its price. It is quite expensive, although its price is justifiable because it offers much features and this grill is of quality. It has wide cooking area plus an additional warming rack, so you have enough space for everything. Its legs are foldable and its warming rack can also be folded out, which makes it really portable. Its design may be simple, but it sure makes up for it in a lot of ways. Sure, if you are looking for a barbeque grill good for home and outdoor use, definitely Napoleon PTSS215PI is worth checking out.