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 Nautilus T516 reviewsWho says you can’t get healthier and fitter at home? The Nautilus T516 will help you get a fitter body in the comfort of your home. It is sure to make exercising more fun for you. Read this Nautilus T516 review to learn more about its features and design.

The Nautilus T516 has been engineered with a gym-inspired design so that you can run or walk on a comfortable surface, making it easy on your feet, ankles, knees and hips. It is priced slightly higher than its predecessor, the T514, but this is because of new features including 26 pre-defined workout programs and dual-screen console. It also has a built-in cooling fan, pulse grips and wireless chest strap for rate monitoring.

The T516 is an improved version of the T514. Its higher price means a bigger motor (2.75 to 3.2 HP), larger running surface and better warranty. In terms of durability, its large frame, deck size and bigger motor will make walking, jogging and running more comfortable. Although it doesn’t have all of the latest features, it is focused on performance making it great to have at home.

Many Nautilus T516 customer reports like its added features such as SoftTrack suspension which helps reduce stress on joints, SoftDrop for easy folding technology and remote one touch controls with diverse speed or incline. It also has a unique fan design which provides the user with convenience and comfort. On the downside, it does not have mp3 deck or built-in speakers and is not compact as it weighs 345 pounds.

It is great that Nautilus did not overlook the importance of including pre-defined workout programs in the machine. This is why it features 26 different workout programs so that the user will be challenged no matter what his or her level of fitness is. The 26 programs include four customer user profiles, nine time/distance courses including pre-set 5k and 10k and BMI and calorie goal settings. Four polar heart rate programs with telemetry, grip and chest belt are included in the package.

The T516 treks up to 15 mph and can adjust to 15 percent maximum incline on a very large walking and running surface. It can also be easily stored with its SoftDrop folding technology. Its lack of iPod or built-in speakers should not be a problem as you can simply listen to music through earphones or a stereo.

It is definitely a great item to have at home to keep you fit and healthy. You may want to check out online retail stores as you might find a good deal for it. Because of its heavy weight, it will also be more convenient to buy it online as the item will be shipped to your home.