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NBA 2K13 reviewsIf you are one of the many people who have the natural passion for basketball, then this NBA 2K13 review will prove to be helpful in giving you a hint in this latest addition to one of the world’s most popular video games, simulating action on the basketball court. If you do not have time to hit the court and grab the ball, or you simply prefer staying at the comfort of your home and having fun with your group of friends, then this game is defiantly one that you should be playing, especially if you are an avid fan of video gaming, and of course, of NBA.

Every time a new NBA game is released, as it has been proven by many people who have played the game, the developer does not fail to take the bar a notch higher, as it always emulates a series of improvements over the previous game, making it possible to satisfy the adrenaline of the hardcore hoop fans. In fact, it has been written in various articles that the newest NBA game is one of the most awaited by the people who are video game fanatics.
Among other things, it has been noted in various NBA 2K13 customer reports that one thing that has been liked by many people about this new game is how it was able to enhance realism, through significant improvements in video and audio, although it does not mean to say that its predecessor is lacking in such aspect. In video games, what can be considered as one of the most significant factors in evaluating the success of the developers would be the quality of audio and video. In this case, the developer of NBA 2K13 did not fail to achieve such.

More so, another thing that is worth highlighting in this NBA 2K13 review is the fact that many have also lauded the new great control setup of the game. This has been liked by many players because it allows them to easily control how their players maneuver while running with the ball on court. The precision and accuracy of the controls have allowed users to improve their gaming performance as well.

However, in spite of the good things about this video game, there are also some things that have been regarded by many players as something that could have been better. For instance, there are many who are annoyed by the Jay-z production, which, according to some players, might be a little over the top. Aside from this minor complaint, however, the video game is exceptional in its totality, and that can be proven by the high rating that has been given in many players, as it can be seen in a variety of NBA 2K13 customer reports that were published in the past.