Neato XV-11 reviews

Neato XV-11 customer reports


Neato XV-11 reviewsHere’s something that people has long waited for. The Neato XV-11 robotic vacuum has taken the floor and is now one of the best vacuum cleaners there are. For more information, read this Neato XV-11 Review.

Neato XV-11 is not just an ordinary vacuum. It is a robotic vacuum that can efficiently clean your floor. It has a squared off front dominated by a pressure-sensitive bumper and a laser scanner perched on top used to scan the room. Using its internal smarts, the robot can actually determine the layout of your home and plot out the most efficient way through it. It can “intelligently map the entire floor space to choose the most effective path to clean the whole room, avoiding most obstacles other robots can only detect by impact.” When the XV-11 is turned on, it backs away from its charging stand and performs a 360-degree scanner sweep with blowers set to maximum.

It also has a cleaning bin on its top which pops out easily and doesn’t dump its contents all over the floor when removed. It is also backed by a paper filter that can easily be replaced.

This robotic vacuum cleaner comes with a charging stand which is simply two conductive strips. It works by plugging it into the wall, setting it on the floor, and connecting the vacuum into it to start charging. Once charged, you can use the XV-11’s on-board LCD to schedule cleanings whenever you like. The user can also just hit the big orange button it’ll do its job immediately.

XV-11 boasts of its cleaning capability. It can run about roughly 1,500 square-foot worth of living space and it detects every piece of furniture. It doesn’t miss a single room and when it had covered every square foot, it immediately shut off its vacuum and takes a direct path straight home to its charging stand.  When, during the course of its travels, it discovers another room it’ll remember that and come back later. And, if it runs out of charge, it’ll return home, top-up, and pick up right where it left off.

Neato XV-11 Robotic Vacuum Specifics and Features

–          on-board LCD

–          obstacle avoidance

–          Can map the entire floor space

–          360-degree scanner sweep

–          Comes with magnetic strip and charging stand

–          Automatically cleans every room

–          Automatically returns to the charging stand to charge itself

When it comes to vacuuming the floor, the Neato XV-11 is the cream of the crop. It is extremely convenient because of its cleaning capabilities. According to the Neato XV-11 customer reports, the users were dumbfounded when they first used this robotic vacuum. It cleans every room thoroughly and returns to the charging stand after cleaning each room or when the battery is about to be empty. Though it is a little more expensive than its competitors, it definitely pays off.