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New Boss P156DVC reviewsIf you are looking for something that can add life and power to your car, you may want to get yourself a car audio subwoofer. While this device gives character to your car since it looks good, it also boost up your car’s audio. With this, you can now enjoy a more fuller sound every time. One of the many subwoofer out in the market now is the New Boss P156DVC. In this article, we will give you a little review about it so you can whether this particular subwoofer is right for you. We hope that this New Boss P156DVC review helps you in your hunt for subwoofers.

The New Boss P156DVC has a power peak of 2500 watts, which lets you play loud yet clear sounds inside your car. With this, even when you turn the volume up, the sounds come out clear and static free. It also offers 25 Hz to 1000 Hz frequency which gives enough vibration to really feel the music the car audio is playing.

For its design, the New Boss P156DVC boasts a durable and time-tested construction. It has a surround rubber material so as to protect the subwoofer from sharp edges of the car and from any accidental bumps. Its coil size is 2 ½ inches which is more than enough protection.

All in all, the New Boss P156DVC offers basic features that you would expect from a subwoofer. According to various New Boss P156DVC customer reports, this subwoofer delivers excellent performance and it looks great too. Its power peak offers enough watts to cover even, the high beats sounds. For an average person, this is actually more than enough, but if you are looking to use it for street parties, then you may be disappointed.

Furthermore, the frequency is on the normal range. If you think you need more, especially if you like going on extra mile with your sounds, you may want to look on other higher end models. With regards to its construction, many people attested that it can survive constant and harsh beating. It is surrounded by rubber, so you can be sure that it has protection from pumps and sharp edges. Its cone structure is mostly same with other subwoofers, so fitting into your car is not something to worry about as it has the weight and height of a standard subwoofer. Over all, if you are just getting your first subwoofer, the New Boss P156DVC is definitely worth checking out. If you appreciate subwoofers that do not have much frills, this could be a perfect choice for you. Just remember that before buying one for your car, you should know what you really want out of a subwoofer so you can maximize its use.