NewAir AW-181E reviews

NewAir AW-181E customer reports


NewAir AW-181E reviewsIf you are looking for a way to store your wine collection, and still be able to easily access it for casual drinking or whenever you have parties, then you might be interested in wine cellars. Most wine cellars nowadays do not only provide ample and easy storage, they are also equipped with technologies that help in preserving the wines’ quality and taste.

For people who have a wide range of collection or even those who are just new in the game, surely, the NewAir AW-181E can be an ideal fit. In this NewAir AW-181E review, we will look into its features and specifications so that you can have an idea if this wine cellar fits your lifestyle and collection.

The NewAir AW-181E can hold up 18 wine bottles and features a built in cooling system so that you can enjoy cold wine every time you go for a drink.

You can easily adjust its temperature depending on how cold or warm you want your drink to be with just a push of a button. There is a digital temperature display on the front panel for accurate temperature control. Furthermore, the NewAir AW-181E also ensures its users that the wines stores inside are protected from any vibrations as it uses thermoelectric technology. In addition to that, this technology vows to be eco-friendly since it does not emit any ozone-depleting chemicals which can harm not only your wines, but more so, our environment.

For its design, the NewAir AW-181E boasts a very sleek and handsome exterior. It is black cabinet with a stainless steel door trim which can perfectly go with any home décor. With this, you would not have a hard time placing at your house. Furthermore, its glass door is heavy duty that is made to provide outmost UV protection and insulation to your wines so that they remain in their tip top quality. This assures wine owners that their collections are always protected, most especially from harmful yet unseen elements that can do much damage. Aside from that, the NewAir AW-181E has an interior blue LED light which adds visibility over your collection for easy viewing.

All in all, the users are happy with the purchase. It offers the basic features that are important in a wine cellar. It is compact for easy placement, so you would not need to worry where to set it up. It boasts and attractive design, so it could perfectly double as home décor as well. However, much like any product, the NewAir AW-181E also has its share of could-have-been better features. Many of NewAir AW-181E customer reports said that if you try to store in a bottle that has a larger diameter than the standard, you will definitely lose some space. But aside from this, there are not much of deal breakers for this wine cellar. So if you are planning to get one for yourself, then the NewAir AW-181E is good product to check out.