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NewAir AW320ED reviewsNewAir AW320ED 32 provides a classy way of cooling your wine. Through this wine cooler, you will no longer experience bad taste of wine which is caused by poor cooling procedure. To know more about its capabilities and features, read this NewAir AW320ED Review.

Wine coolers must execute proper cooling operation to keep the wine in its best quality. Room temperature destroys the taste of the wine once it is left in the open for so long. The NewAir AW320ED 32 Bottle Dual Zone Thermoelectric Wine Cooler with Dual Temperature Zones might be a little more expensive but it is a great investment for because of its incredible features.

The NewAir AW320ED wine cooler has almost double the capacity of an ordinary wine cooler. It also has other cool features that will surely make you want it even more. This NewAir AW320ED 32 Bottle Dual Zone Thermoelectric Wine Cooler will keep your priced vintages in the right temperature each and every time. It can store up to thirty two standard wine bottles, a very large capacity for a wine cooler. This is a great quality for a business.

NewAir AW320ED wine cooler has a dual zone wine chiller wherein there are two independently controlled temperature zones. White wine and red wine requires different temperature to keep them cool and of top quality. Through this feature, both the reds and whites can be stored at the same time at the same cooler. This will save you energy as well as space.

The design of this wine cooler is also awe-striking. It has a interior lighting that makes it look classy and cool. It also functions to provide a good visual inside the wine cooler. It’s designed well with its two side-by-side compartments & beautifully crafted glass doors. But its wide tainted glass not only adds to the great appearance of the NewAir AW320ED, it also protects the wine from the UV light that can affect the quality of the wine.

This wine cooler is compact making it ideal for any home. It also makes use of thermoelectric technology which doesn’t give any vibration to the wine chiller and does not produce any annoying sounds. Moreover, it doesn’t have any ozone depleting chemicals. This makes it eco-friendly. Other than the internal light, it also has a digital temperature control panel with push button operation for simple operation.

NewAir AW320ED 32 Bottle Thermoelectric Wine Cooler Specifics and Features:

–          Digital controls –ensures precise temperature controls

–          Weight: 69 lbs.

–          Dimension: 20.5 inches high by 20 inches wide by 31 inches deep

–          Very easy to operate

–          internal LED light—illuminates the wine collection and adds to its visibility

–          Quiet and energy-efficient –through utilizes of the thermoelectric technology

–          Dual temperature zones

–          Glass doors –give better insulation

NewAir AW320ED customer reports that this wine cooler is highly recommended for business as it looks good and its dual zone feature that allows the user to save space.