Top Rated Rifle Scope from Nikon


1.Nikon- 223-8489- rifle scopeBenefits

As stated in the Nikon-223-8489 rifle scope reviews it features a durable construction.

Often considered the best rifle scope from Nikon, it features a one piece design that is easy to mount.

With its wide magnification and coated optics, it is easy to see why this is one of the best rifle scopes.

You will appreciate how easy the scope is to adjust, especially when you are out in the field.



While this rifle scope is designed to be easy to adjust, some consumers have mentioned that the turrets can become loose when you are carrying it.


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Benefits Explained

  • One of the reasons for the popularity of this rifle scope is its durable construction. The tube is constructed from strong aluminum that is resistant to cracks from recoil shock, and it is also designed to be rust and weatherproof. The durable rifle scope is purge with nitrogen and the O-rings are sealed to prevent dust and moisture from collecting on the optics, and you will appreciate the included manufacturer’s warranty.

Nikon- 223-8489- rifle scope- SPR10top

  • This scope is designed to be compatible with most rifles, including ones with magnum length action. It can be easily mounted on almost any caliber, though it should be noted that it is designed to help you sight and aim for targets at a distance. Perfect for big game hunters or for target shooting thick steel plates, you will also appreciate its one piece design that won’t add any noticeable weight.


  • Every aspect about this rifle scope is designed to improve your aim. It features a wide 3 to 12x magnification range so you can clearly see targets up close and at a distance, while the coated optics ensure that up to 92 percent of the available light can filter through without causing a blinding glare. The 42 mm lens can quickly focus on targets at 100 to 600 yards, and you also have the advantage of the clearly marked centering dot that will make it easy to line up your shot.


  • You will love how easy this rifle scope is to adjust, without having to take your eyes off of the target. The turrets will quickly reset to your specified “zero”, while the eyepiece is designed to bring your target sharply into focus. This rifle scope also features clearly marked magnification settings that can be easily seen from almost any angle. Designed to let you quickly make adjustments, even from a shooters position, it is easy to make almost any shot with this rifle scope.


Whether you are an avid hunter or simply want to impress your friends with your target shooting skills, this durable rifle scope might be exactly what you are looking for. It features a durable weather and shockproof construction, and is designed to fit on almost any picatinny rails. It is also designed to be easy to focus, and bring your targets sharply in view. With an included lifetime warranty from Nikon, it is easy to see why this scope is a favorite with rifle owners.


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