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Norpro 370 reviewsWhenever we are in a hurry, bread is one of the quickest foods to prepare. We can either have just as a simple toast or a complicated and ingredient filled sandwiches. More so, bread snacks have always been a popular snack choice that we can prepare and serve to our guests whenever we are entertaining at home. With this, if you are one of those people who enjoy bread as much, then you may be interested in getting yourself a bread slicer. Bread slicers are supposed to help you ease out the task of cutting breads as they provide support so you can full control over the bread. In addition, most bread slicers today also have crumb catchers that catch all crumbs falling from the loaf for cleaner cutting. If this gets you interested, you may want to check out the Norpro 370. The Norpro 370 is one of the bread slicers out in the market today. In this article, we will give you a brief Norpro 370 review as we discuss its features and specifications. With this, we hope to help you land that perfect bread slicer that is rightly suited to your needs.

The Norpro 370 provides an adequate no frills manual bread slicer. It is very easy to use and set up. So even if it is your first time to use such product, surely, you would not lose your way in it. It offers 1/2  inch slicer guides that lets you achieve uniformed bread cuts for well balanced servings. However, this feature also has its downside.

The ½ inch slicers cannot be adjusted for thinner or thicker cut. For most people the 1.2 inch slicer cut is already enough, however if you like cutting variety, then you may opt for a different bread slicer model. On the other hand, the Norpro 370 also has crumb catchers. Everyone knows how messy it is to cut breads as crumbs keep falling, resulting to a messy counter top. With the Norpro 370, you are sure to have a cleaner work table than slicing bread on a cutting board.

This also frees you for clean up, giving you additional time on your hands. However, there are a few drawbacks that users have noted. First is that you have to use longer knives for this, as usual knives will just slip out from the acrylic slicing guides. Also, since the slicing guides have no top support, it tends to wobble a bit as you slice.

All in all, the Norpro 370 has a good design but it has its limitations. It may be enough for others, but if you think its limitations are too limiting, then you may want to check out other bread slicer models. According to many Norpro 370 customer reports, the Norpro 370 is a great idea for a product but its design made it a little inconvenient for a bread slicer.