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Omega J8006 reviewsIf part of your daily diet is having juice, then it is advisable to get a juicer that can juice just about anything. There are a lot of juicers out in the market, but not all can juice hard fruits or in volume. So if you think you can benefit greatly from having you own juicer at home, then it is a good time to get one. One juicer that you may want to consider checking out is the Omega J8006. It has all the features that you would want from a juicer, but this one really caters to those who have incorporated juice into their lifestyle as it works on a powerful motor to juice up even those hard fruits. In this Omega J8006 review article, we will give you a brief look on this juicer’s features and specifications to help you decide whether Omega J8006 is suited to your needs and lifestyle.

As said, Omega J8006 works on powerful motor but operates with low speed of 80 revolutions per minute that pulverizes the fruit or vegetable for a smooth result. Since it is set on low speed, you avoid having to deal with large foaming and get to enjoy pulp bits as they are automatically get ejected on the side to give more authentic taste. Furthermore, since it comes with high performing motor, hard fruits and vegetables are easily juiced without the machine getting jammed or break down. This is actually a distinguishing factor for Omega J8006 as not all juicers can accommodate hard fruits and vegetables with much ease. If you get a cheaper juicer and put in a hard ingredient, most likely some motor error will occur. With this, you get to enjoy a wider range of juice choices with Omega J8006. Furthermore, this particular juicer can put up with large volumes and continuous use without overheating. With its power, you can definitely say that it is designed much like a commercial juicer, but for use in your home.

All in all, when getting a juicer, you must definitely take into consideration on how heavy you use such a machine. If you think you rarely use juicers or you are not really picky with your juice, a cheap juicer may be sufficient for you. But for those who drink juice everyday and has it incorporated already in their diet, it is highly advisable to get a heavy duty juicer to cater to all their juice needs. According to many Omega J8006 customer reports, this particular juicer delivers when it comes to motor performance and juice quality. Its low speed revolutions help preserve the authentic taste of the fruit or vegetable, while its powerful motor cater to hard fruits and continuous use. It is very easy to use and clean, so maintaining it is a breeze. Many people also attested that Omega J8006 is very sturdy and well constructed. Overall, for people who love juicing, Omega J8006 is worth giving a shot.