Onkyo A-9555 reviews

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Onkyo A-9555 reviewsHigh end audio equipment are seldom cheep. All those stereophiles out there know that if you want a state of the art audio system you must be prepared to invest accordingly. If you are looking to invest somewhere around 2000$ on a whole sound system, the Onkyo A-9555 integrated amplifier is a very good acquisition. The price tag for the A-9555 is between 550$-650$ and for its features as you will see it is nothing short of a bargain.

Its appearance is very modern and surprisingly stylish, the front is made from brushed, anodized aluminium. The volume knob is very big and visible, with a blue light that indicates its level. From the input knob you have about seven selections, which include also phono. Plus, you have a speaker selection knob and headphone jack.

There is also a Bass and Tremble control and a Loudness button. The Pure Direct button makes all these sound controls dissapear for a pure sound. The rear of the A-9555 has RCA input jacks, two speaker terminal sets, a phono input and an IEC power connector. The remote has many functions, for some you may have to buy extra equipment. It is very easy to use due to its logical button order. For example, the Volume Up and Volume Down buttons are right in the middle and have a substantial size, making them unmistakable.

The best sound quality that the Onkyo A-9555 customer reports have identified, is its smoothness that makes listening relaxing without the danger of fatigue. While other amplifieres create a sound that emphasizes on the individual instruments, this one has a more balanced or neutral quality. Its soft sound is do to the lack of tremble, which may not be a manufacturer`s error. This choice may have been made because of its pairing with inexpensive equipment that have a risk of producing a tremble-emphasized sound.

The Onkyo A-9555 customer reports have pointed out that it has very good performances comparing to its price. Here are just some opinions from people who actually bough it: `I own a A-9555 that I`ve been very happy with`, `Good quality comparing to its price, definitely pleased with the A-9555`, `Great! Love it!`. The pluses are its nice design, easy use, low price and balanced sound. For minuses we can add its lack of many accessories do to its low price and that`s about it.

If you don`t have a too big budget to buy an expensive audio system, then I think the Onkyo A-9555 review has shown you in which direction you should invest the little that you have. While not being able to compete with its more expenisve rivals, it comes a good enough second. The best sound quality that it offers is its smoothness. In the hope that this review will help you make up your mind over your amplifier choice, I can olny finish with giving the A-9555 a thumbs up.