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Opteka OPT15 reviews For a business to grow, good advertisement is one essential key. You should know how to utilize all things so that it can be used in your favour and purpose. Today, many businesses, from small to large companies, are using digital frames to advertise their brand or product and show their achievements. With this, all stakeholders and prospects can see what their company is all about. With this, it is not shocking if more and more business move towards this trend. There are already a lot of digital frames out in the market, and one of them is the Opteka OPT15. In this article, we will give you a full Opteka OPT15 review so you can see whether its features fit your business demands. One thing that is very good with Opteka OPT15 is its size. It offers 15 inch display. All companies surely want a large digital frame that can clearly showcase their product and brand, and Opteka OPT15 delivers just that. With its large display, you can put it just about anywhere and it will still be seen. With this, all those visiting your office will be able to view whatever is in the digital frame. This is a great avenue for you to show all your stakeholders and prospects what the company can offer and do. Placing it on the lounge or over the table can discreetly promote your products and services while they wait. Furthermore, even with its size, images are not distorted providing everyone a clear view.

With Opteka OPT15, you have choices of how the pictures will show in the frame, including random mode with chronological configuration. Added to that, you can also add music in your slideshow for better effects. The Opteka OPT15 includes audio device play and controller.

Another feature of Opteka OPT15 is the automatic shut off. You can set its shut off time way ahead so you do not have to worry about forgetting to close it before going out of the office. Opteka OPT15 also boasts a good design. This is especially essential since most people will be watching the slideshow from this frame, so it should be pleasing to the eyes. It offers a simple and classic design. With this, you won’t really have a hard time placing it around your office.

Though Opteka OPT15 does not belong to a leading brand, its features and design are actually competitive. Many Opteka OPT15 customer reports say that this digital frame model surpassed their expectations. It has excellent quality and exceptional functionality that will definitely be beneficial to any business. Furthermore, it looks good and solid enough to last its owners a long time. All in all, getting an Opteka OPT15 for your office is a good investment.