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Optimus Prime reviewsThere is a wide toy line that is available in the market. There are number of manufacturing companies that has manufactured many toys based on the movies that were released in Hollywood. Being impressed form transformer movie, Hasbro manufacturing company has launched a robot toy with the name of Optimus prime. Yes it is the name of the leading character in the movie. By following the features and characteristics of that character, company has the launched the toy robot. It is one of the best transforming toys that is very much popular in the market. In the present time, kids love to purchase that toy robot. Optimus Prime review will tell you the all features and characteristics of this toy robot.

This toy robot was released in the year 2007. With its release in the market, this toy robot has gained much importance and fame among all other toy robots. This is due to its enchanting and top notch features. Manufacturer Company has tried its level best to put all features of movie character in the toy robot. This is really a job well done. There are three different types of materials that have been employed in the manufacturing of this robot. One is rubber, the second one is polyvinyl chloride the PVC and the third one is ABS. this is the robot toy that turns in to the car. It is originated in USA.

If you order the Optimus prime then you will receive this toy robot in a very nice window box and the toy will be in robot mode. The robot is packed in the package very safely. There are number of folds and turn in the package. So if you want to take it out then you need t a set of cutters to cut every cutting and fold with great care without causing any damage to the toy. This thing should be kept in mind that little carelessness during cutting the package will result in to the damage of the robot. After taking it out of the package, the robot is ready to play with. The only thing you have to do is to put the missile in the gun. After that make the robot stand on its feet properly.

Optimus Prime customer reports tell that this is one the most selling robot toy in the market. There is a button on the robot. That button is used t convert this toy from robot to truck mode and then from trick to robot mode back. This is the biggest feature of this robot toy. After transformation from robot to truck mode, it gives the awesome look of mini truck. There are two smoke stacks are also present on this robot when it is in the truck mode.