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Our Husband reviewsWhen looking for a good book to read, this Our Husband review will provide one recommendation on one book that can be bought. This novel by Stephanie Bond has been regarded by many of the people who have already read the book as something that is enjoyable, yet predictable. Nonetheless, even of it is predictable, many have found a good time in reading such, not to mention the fact that it is a relatable topic in today’s relationships.

Many of the Our Husband customer reports have revealed that the topic itself can be recognized as one of the reasons on why this book has been chosen by many people when buying a published work. In this novel, the author talked about cheating and how the characters involved were able to not just accept their fate, but tried to be engaged in a variety of efforts to get even. The story revolves about how even the characters were able to get, or what things have they done in order to get even.

The husband that is being referred to in this novel is Raymond Carmichael, who is engaged in an interesting job as a travelling salesman of prosthetics. The three women who shared the same husband was able to meet each other for the first time, the time that they have discovered that they have been cheated, when Raymond was involved in an accident and needed to be brought at the hospital.

In order to have better insights on how the story went, this Our Husband review will also provide a quick look at the three women who were involved. The first was Beatrix, a socialite who is already aging. Beatrix has been suffering from the decline of her marriage, and as a coping mechanism from such, she often resort into home shopping and drinking. The second wife was Natalie, who has been the subject of much of the events that transpired at the course of the novel. Although irritable, Natalie has been portrayed in the novel as a character with a good heart. She works on a small town as a doctor. The last among the wives in the novel is Ruby, who is a young stripper and expecting a baby soon.

The events outlined in the book led to the death of Raymond, and such led into a series of events that led into the quarrel of the three wives, even with the matters related to the funeral arrangements of their husband. The same thing emerged when they fought for inheritance over the assets of Raymond. The story drew more interest when it revealed that Raymond was poisoned, and such led into new suspicions about his death. The book has a sudden twist when the three wives went from being enemies into being allies. Because of the death of Raymond, they realized that they could be better off as friends, rather than enemies fighting over the deceased.

The author was able to provide a plot that has captured the attention of many readers. If you would want to know what its readers have said about the book, read various Our Husband customer reports and you will have an idea on whether or not you will find this novel as a good read.