PacTool International SS404 customer reports


PacTool International SS404 reviews

This PacTool International SS404 for sale is a cement cutting shear that is economical, safe to use and can quickly do the task for the user. This particular product features blades that are reversible and that are made from sturdy steel. This flexible tool offer quick and smooth functionality that the user can depend on. In addition, this unit will not create silica dusts which are known to cause specific health conditions. So you wouldn’t have to worry about your health when you’re working with this tool. This PacTool International SS404 review will give you all the information that you need so that you can make an informed decision when choosing the best cement cutting shear.

When it comes to its functionality, this particular unit from Pac Tool International is made to cut cement that slides up to a maximum of 5/16” thick, this unique tool showcases a high quality durability and superior durability.

This product is has a strong 6.5 amp motor with .5” spindle gear and also a 360⁰ rotating head mixed with convenient and effective ergonomics that will help the user in accomplishing the task faster and more efficiently, functioning at its optimum performance. All these and more are part of the PacTool International SS404 deals.

Sometimes, being productive doesn’t only mean that you have accomplished that the task fast but it also means that that the quality of the task is superior and also, the workplace was kept safe and secure for the user which is what this product is offering for the user.

These cement fibers that you will be working on contain an ingredient called silica which is harmless in small amount but it could cause harm to the health if inhaled continuously and in large quantities. This particular product guarantees that it wouldn’t give out airborne dust called silica like other tools do so you can be assured that you will be able to maintain your good health in working with this tool. This particular feature is raved and graded high by the consumers that purchased the tool in PacTool International SS404 ratings.

This product from Pac tool International, which is renowned for its high quality and dependable tool has efficient blades that are reversible made of sturdy steel that offer over 20000 ft. of cutting. And because this product’s blade is reversible, these will lasts approximately over 20 houses wroth of sliding tasks – then 2 times as lengthy as a one-ended blade and about 45 x as lengthy as a round saw blade. It is no wonder why more and more people are taking advantage of the PacTool International SS404 discounted and you can get all this and more with the product’s superior durability, efficiency and safety.