Palm Tungsten E2 reviews

Palm Tungsten E2 customer reports


Palm Tungsten E2 reviewsPalm Tungsten E2 can deliver the sleek and affordable combination of productivity and entertainment. Its displays are sharper and little brighter. This product has also many features that you cannot help but to love. Read more of this in Palm Tungsten E2 Review.

The E2 boasts of its improved 3.7-inch-diagonal TFT color screen that displays at 320×320-pixel resolution and at 65,536 colors instead of 64,000. It features sharper, a little brighter, and a little more vivid display that is readable even in direct sunlight.

Below the screen is the virtual input area with one-touch access to the Home page, with Menu on the left side, while Favorites and a search function sit on the right. The users also get four standard customizable shortcut keys which are Calendar, Contacts, Tasks, and Notepad, and By Default. The five-way navigation toggle and spacious keys also make navigation a lot easier.

What is great in this PDA is its integrated Bluetooth the lets the user to web cruise, e-mail, and make the most of your time on the road. The Bluetooth utility enables the user to turn on the radio and to set up compatible devices. It also enables the users to connect to a Bluetooth-enabled Pocket PC and wirelessly beam contact information with no problem at all.

On the software front, the E2 gets an upgrade to Palm OS 5.4, which includes DataViz’s Documents To Go 7.0. The latest edition supports native Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint which can only be viewed on Macs giving you the capability to view and edit documents on the go.

The PalmOne Tungsten E2’sFavorites view gives you quick access to your most frequently used applications and files including Web links, while the traditional Applications view displays all the programs on your handheld. Other software goodies include Acrobat Reader, SplashMoney, Web Blazer 4.0, and Memos. It also lets you use the RealPlayer for MP3 playback, Kinoma Player for videos, PalmReader for e-books, and Solitaire for amusement.

The battery life of this Palm Tungsten E2 is outstanding. When tested, a video clip was looped using Kinoma Video player and the screen was set at 50 percent brightness. It lasted for an impressive 5.5 hours.

Palm Tungsten E2 PDA Specifics and Features:

–          Integrated Bluetooth

–          7-inch-diagonal TFT color screen

–          65,536 colors diplay

–          320×320-pixel resolution

–          Outstanding battery life

–          Compact and sleek

–          Faster processor

–          Sharp color screen

–          Customizable shortcut keys (Calendar, Contacts, Tasks, and Notepad, by default)

–          Includes Palm OS 5.4

–          Documents To Go 7.0.

–          4.5 by 3.1 by 0.6 inches; 4.7 ounces

–          Navigation toggle

–          Outstanding battery life


Palm Tungsten E2 customer reports reveal that the Palm Tungsten E2 has never left the users unsatisfied with the tons of its features and its affordable price.