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Panasonic TA-1 customer reports


Panasonic TA-1 reviewsDifferent camera or camcorder manufacturers have opted in the last couple of years to invest in pocket sized video recording devices. So the micicamcorder was brought forth into the world`s video market. Panasonic have made the TA1 in order to compete with other companies in this relatively new market. The Panasonic TA-1 review will try to analyse the end result  that is not quite what was expected. Except for the video quality that is top class and the fact that it can serve as a Webcam too. The rest of its features are not so impressive: the design is poor, it has no HDMI output, no mic, no headphone jacks and the sharing software is bellow avarage.

Even the price is a bit expensive and other microcamcorders with much better features are cheaper. On a brighter note the battery is removable and is fully charged up in roughly 4 hours. It can record up to 80 minutes continuously in a medium quality, which is enough in my opinion for just about everybody.

If you plan to go beyond this timezone I suggest having with you an extra battery. Like I said before the video quality is this minicamcorder`s absolute strong point. The 1080p and 720p resolution make the video good enough to be viewed on a HDTV. In normal light the video quality is very good, the colours are bright the subjects appear sharp, but in low-light conditions the video loses some of its high points.

The Panasonic TA-1 LED can only make objects up to 2 feet clearly visible. Getting clips on the internet is another problem for the TA1, the software is only for Windows and it is called HD Writer PE 1.0.  It has a minimum of options and you can only upload the videos on Youtube and Facebook. The software`s lame design and features takes all the fun out of sharing. Finaly we reach the inovative way in which the minicamcorder can be used as a Webcam. For this feature Panasonic has Skype as a support. The software is not on the device, you`ll have to download it off Skype. And also you may want to keep in mind that the Panasonic TA-1 can`t stand on its own so you`ll have to find some way of balancing it.

The ones who bought and wrote Panasonic TA-1 customer reports are somewhat divided in their opinions: some praise it, especially for the video quality, others say it is a waste of money and resources. The bottom line is that the minicamcorder could have been something more and other minicamcorders are of better quality.

The conclusion of the Panasonic TA-1 review is to buy itonly if you are intrested in excellent video quality, other than that I see no real reason to make such a purchase. Other minicamcorders out there are much better equipped and have more interesting features at similar or lower prices.