Most Reliable Washing Machine from Panda



1.Panda PAN30 Portable Washing Machine



As stated by the Panda PAN30 portable washing machine reviews it is designed to be easy and convenient to use.

Featuring a compact and lightweight design this is one of the best portable washing machines for dorm rooms, apartments, or RVs.

You have the advantage of two separate sides that ensure your laundry is thoroughly clean.

With its durable construction, it is easy to see why this is often considered the best washing machine from Panda.



It should be noted that this portable washing machine is self draining, but this can also result in a small amount of water being left in the basin which can cause odors and mildew to form.


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Benefits Explained

  • You will love how convenient and easy this portable washer is to use, along with its quiet design. It features three simple controls for washing and spinning, along with a convenient timer. Simply fill the basin with water and set the time, and the washing machine will do the rest. It also uses gravity to drain the remaining water from the basin, and since it doesn’t use a water pump it is amazingly quiet when running.

Panda PAN30 Portable Washing Machine- SPR 10top

  • This small washing machine is perfect for college students in dorm rooms or for use in apartments. Its compact size also makes it great for RVs and vacation cabins. This washer only weighs 28 pounds making it easy to move, and everything you need is included with your purchase. The drainage hose can be placed over a drain or bucket to keep soapy water from leaking on the floor, and the included inlet hose is compatible with most kitchen and bathroom faucets.


  • With two sides for washing and spinning you know that your clothes will get thoroughly clean. Capable of washing up to 7 pounds of laundry at a time, you simply add soap and water to start cleaning your clothes. Once the wash cycle is finished the excess water can be easily removed with the convenient spin dryer. Capable of drying up to 3 pounds of laundry at a time, it is also compatible with most 110v outlets.


  • This portable washing machine is designed to last through years of hard use. All models are tested by Panda for quality assurance, and you will also appreciate the included one year warranty. This portable washer and spin dryer are compatible with most threaded faucets, and you can also fill the basin by hand. The included inlet and drainage hoses are resistant to cracks and rips, which will help prevent messy water leaks.


If you are looking for a portable washing machine for your RV, hunting cabin, dorm room or apartment, this might be exactly what you need. It is capable of washing up to 7 pounds of laundry at one time, and you have the added advantage of the 240W spin dryer. Convenient to use, and with an included warranty, it is easy to see why this portable washing machine is a popular choice with consumers.


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