Most Apprecaited Power Amplifier fromĀ Parasound


1. Parasound - 2250Pros

As stated in the Parasound 2250 THX Ultra2 amplifier reviews this model is affordable and reliable.

Considered the best power amplifier from Parasound you will appreciate the high quality sound from the two channels.

This amplifier is designed to be easy to use, and install with the rest of your gear.

You also have the advantage of being able to switch the amp to mono bridge mode for a truly amazing audio experience.



It should be noted that this amplifier is best suited for use in a home theater or garage studio, since it may not be able to produce the same musical details required for professional recordings.


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Benefits Explained


This affordable amplifier is priced to fit most budgets and is perfect for use at homeĀ or in a garage studio. It is designed to fit in with the rest of your equipment, and you will love its power and reliability. The efficient circuitry is designed to run cooler than other models which ensure that the amplifier will always power on at the touch of a button, and since the relays are protected you can enjoy high quality sound for hours.

2. Parasound - 2250

Everything about this amplifier is designed to produce high quality sound, including the two high resolution channels. You can choose between 250 watts per channel with an output at 8 ohms or go for the big movie theater sound with the powerful 385 watts at 4 ohms. This amplifier is capable of delivering all of the power you need to hear all of the dynamic peaks and special effects, which is always an advantage when you are listening to movie soundtracks. You also have the advantage of the included transformer which is designed to reduce floor noise while keeping the music crystal clear.


Not only is the amplifier capable of delivering an amazing amount of power, it is also designed to be easy to use and install. Since it runs cooler than other models you can mount the amplifier on a rack or cabinet, and the front control panel is easy to navigate. The channel status and temperature are clearly displayed, and it will also indicate when the amplifier is in “standby” mode.


Along with the two channels you also have the advantage of being able to switch this amplifier to mono bridge mode, which will provide you with even more power for a realistic theater audio experience. You can choose to send 600 watts of power to 8 ohms or 4 ohms, and amaze your friends and relatives with the impressive sound. Capable of providing plenty of power you will love how clear and defined everything sounds with this amplifier.



Often considered the best 2-channel amplifier for its price, you will also appreciate its powerful design. It is capable of producing plenty of power to provide you with a theater quality listening experience, and its innovative construction is perfect for convenient mounting on a rack or cabinet. Easy to install and capable of reproducing high quality sound, there is very little not to like about this affordable amplifier.


Buy from Amazon for ($1099)