Most Reliable Treadmill from Pheonix


Create the perfect workout session!

It’s time to change the way you exercise and add something special in the mix. How can you work out with ease at any moment of the day? Well, the answer, consolidated from thousands of men and women, is an advanced treadmill. So, let’s find out more things about Phoenix 98510 treadmill, a model which will revolutionize the way you exercise…

Phoenix 98510 Easy Up treadmill is extremely easy to install and easier to use. By its basic structure, the treadmill is a simple device to use, allowing you to manage better the physical program. Putting the model together is a one man job, occupying bits of your time. It’s a simple machine that does what it proposes, making you do exercise with 2 various modes: walking and running, at your own pace. The particularities of the treadmill permit you to personalize the whole exercise program. On the walking surface 41” x 13” you will be able exercise with no restrictions whatsoever.


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The simple act of walking has numerous physical benefits that include: keeping you fit and maintaining the cardiovascular systems pumping health, which can be done in the comfort of your own home, without being forced to go out to a gym or for a jog around the block, hoping not to rain. Considered one of the best treadmill deals in 2019, Phoenix 98510 is powered by your continuous action. Incorporating a heavy duty flywheel and a 12.5 degree incline, this advanced treadmill is ideal for those individuals looking to experience a challenging workout without spending too much money. This model has a 12.5 degree incline which means that you can work out your legs uphill. It also comes with 1 year warranty on the frame.

For many Americans, looking to begin a professional fitness program or simply purchasing their first home treadmill, this model from Phoenix would be a likely choice. Looking at the current user testimonials it comes as no surprise to see the model as one of the best treadmill deals in 2019. Comfortable and easy to manage, you can exercise with ease any time of the day, with no restriction. Once you start the treadmill, you will notice the smooth and silent operation that keeps you going and going. The console electronics display the distance, time, calories burned and speed attained thus letting you control with ease the whole workout process. Phoenix 98510 treadmill is ideal for people that own an apartment or small homes, letting them fold and store it with ease. In addition to the modern design, the treadmill measures 46.5 by 50 by 21 inches which represent the optimal dimensions to install anywhere you want without any hassle.

So, it’s time to jog with style!


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