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Pinzon Basics Overfilled reviewsSometimes the mattress that you just bought isn`t as comfortable as you would have liked. In this case you have to buy a mattress pad to get the quality and comfort that you want. The role of a Mattress Pad is to correct any problem that a mattress may have and also to retain the heat that otherwise would be lost when a person would come into contact directly with the mattress`s surface. The Pinzon Basics Overfilled review will try to prove that this could be a good investment if you have this problem and that it fulfils the requirements that I mentioned above.

The pollyester from which it is made is so soft that you may well mistake it for a pillow top. The artificial pollyester filling is so well balanced that you may actually think the Mattress Pad is full of natural feathers. It retains heat perfectly so you will feel warm and cozy, when you rest on top of it. A downside to it may be the fact that you have to wash it at the cleaners or if you want to wash it in your home you`ll have to do an extra effort. If you would try to put it in the washing machine you would just ruin it. Another way to wash it would be with a damp rag.

Some Mattress Pads have problems when it comes to staying in place on the mattress`s surface. In some cases they just slide off. This is not a issue for the the Pinzon Basics Overfilled Ultra Soft Microplush Mattress Pad. It will stay firmly in its place without creating any inconvienence. I`m not saying that the mattress pad is going to right any wrong mattress, no mather how bad it is, but if you are for a soft mattress pad this should be a optimal choice.

The Pinzon Basics Overfilled customer reports indicate that people have been pleased with it. The price-quality ratio is one of its most appreciated features. Another plus that has been highlighted by the costumer`s reviews is its remarkable softness.

If the mattress that you own is not totally to your liking, the Pinzon Basics Overfilled customer reports prove that it is a cheap and full of quality choice. With its pollyester filling it guarantees comfort and heat retaining qualities. The only disadvantage is the fact that you can`t wash it in your washing machine and you have to go all the way to the cleaners. But I think this is a minor inconvenience and if you make a slight effort and wash it at home with a damp rag you don`t have to leave the warmth of your pad.