Pioneer VSX-1121-K reviews


Pioneer VSX-1121-K customer reports


Pioneer VSX-1121-K reviewsPioneer is one of the brands that consumers consider when purchasing AVRs or audio video receivers. The new Pioneer VSX-1121-K is the brand’s new AVR model which has features that make it a great item to have at home. Read this Pioneer VSX-1121-K review to learn more about its features.

The Pioneer VSX-1121-K has an ample power output, advanced network capabilities and integrated Apple AirPlay. Its predecessor, the VSX-1020-K already received rave reviews from experts but the new one from Pioneer has improved on its features making it an even better AVR.

Its high-quality audio with the THX certified 7.1-channel home theatre receiver can provide incredible audio for your favorite films (including 3D content) and music. You can charge and play from your iPod, iPhone or iPad as it has a convenient front USB connection. The receiver also features a compressed music enhancer which allows you to take advantage of better audio quality from different digital sources.

What many Pioneer VSX-1121-K customer reports like is its clean and uncluttered design which suits any room in your home. The product features a large, flip-down door which hides the front panel’s hard buttons except for Power. The large volume and input selector knobs have a sturdy feel providing you with just the right amount of resistance when you adjust it.

When you check out its back, you will find it has more features making it more useful. The product ensures all your connection needs are covered with its six 3D-capable HDMI inputs and an Ethernet jack for network media connectivity. It also has a detachable power cord, Zone 2 preouts, an RS-232C port and two 12-Volt triggers for custom installation and home automation crowd. It is also great that the new Pioneer model has dual subwoofer outputs.

There are many audio video receivers in the market today which is why it is important to find out more about it before deciding which one to get. According to tech experts, what set the Pioneer VSX-1121-K apart is its Apple and AirPlay connectivity. If you are an Apple person and this particular feature is important to you, this will definitely make a difference. The VSX-1121-K provides you with effortless AirPlay integration with superior sound quality.

It is a great item to have for the holidays particularly if you will be having Christmas parties at home. If you are thinking of getting one at home or as a Christmas present for someone, you may want to check out online stores. There are many online stores that have good deals for it. It will also be more convenient for you to buy it online as the product will be shipped to your home for free or a minimal fee.