Choose a Top Home Theater Receiver from Pioneer


1.Pioneer VSX-1130-KAV ReceiverBenefits

As stated in the Pioneer VSX-1130-KAV receiver reviews this model is incredibly easy to install and set up.

Featuring plenty of inputs and outputs, along with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, it is easy to see why this is one of the best home theater receivers.

With dual antennas you can enjoy even more channels and you will love being able to enjoy high definition sound on multiple devices.

Often considered the best home theater receiver from Pioneer, you will appreciate the convenient screen overlay function.



Some consumers have mentioned that there are not enough analog connections on this receiver, but this is generally a matter of personal preference and does not affect performance.


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Benefits Explained

  • This receiver is designed to give you theater quality sound in your home, and you will love how easy it is to connect to your existing system. The back panel is newly designed to make it easier to find the connection you need, and everything is clearly labeled to avoid confusion. You will appreciate the receiver’s ability to adjust sound according to the speaker size, along with the distance to the listener. This ensures that every sound is crystal clear even when you are switching between channels, and you will love the included remote that lets you control everything from your chair.

Pioneer VSX-1130-KAV Receiver- SPR 10top

  • You will love how easy it is to connect to your mobile devices, along with your laptop and computer. It includes built in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, and there is a convenient app that can be downloaded to any compatible device that automatically transfers all of your preferred settings directly to the receiver. This lets you enjoy listening to all of your content without having to reprogram your preferred settings.


  • This receiver also features dual antennas so you can enjoy a broad range of crystal clear sounds. You have plenty of HDMI inputs and outputs, and you will love being able to connect and use multiple devices at the same time. With the included remote or downloaded app on your Android device you can listen and watch blu-ray movies in one room, and enjoy your favorite playlists in another room. This lets everyone take advantage of the amazing sound quality, and enjoy a theater quality experience in any room of the house.


  • It can be hard to keep track of all of the functions you are using, and the status which is why this receiver includes a convenient “screen overlay” function. This lets you quickly bring up the status of the various functions, without you having to check each one separately. It will bring this screen up over your current one, and it can also be easily disabled when you don’t need it.


Perfect for use with multiple devices, this top home theater receiver is designed to provide you with a theater quality listening experience in your home. It is easy to set up, and the available app lets you control different functions from your mobile device. With plenty of inputs and outputs you can connect digital and analog devices and enjoy high definition sound in almost any room of the house.


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