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PlayStation 3 160GB reviewsLooking for the latest addition to your collection of game consoles will surely be a lot easier by the time you have finished reading this PlayStation 3 160GB review. If you have not had any console before, you might find this interesting, as it is from the PlayStation family, something that has been a staple for the childhood of many people. In this review, you will know some of its features, which are perhaps the reasons on why many people have been addicted to PS3 gaming, not to mention that you can be one of the people hooked into such the moment you laid your hands in this console.

Sony, the manufacturer of this console, claims that it is made for those who love gaming, specifically, video gaming. Without a doubt, the company has stayed true to such promise. Even today, the PlayStation is recognized to be one of the most prominent within the product category, beating the competition. It is something that every child has grown up with. With the PS3, the company was able to demonstrate a variety of improvements, and without a doubt, has significantly changed the landscape of video gaming.

In many of the PlayStation 3 160GB customer reports, one of the things highlighted is the use of a blu-ray disc in the games that are played with this console. With this, it is apparent that players can expect nothing but the highest quality of video, which excels in terms of richness and color, bringing every game closer to reality. Another good thing about blu-ray is that it holds a capacity that is 6 times larger than what you can find in traditions discs.

This PlayStation 3 160GB  review also highlights that many people who have owned such unit also commended the aesthetics of the console, which, as claimed by its users, has a swanky design. Aside from the unit itself, many also liked the design of the controllers, which is claimed to be more sensational compared to the previous controllers. The Dualshock controller gives gamers the ability to be more intuitive in every video game that is played. The pressure sensors that are located at the buttons of the controller make it more responsive to the commands that are entered by the user. More so, every rumble on the game can also be felt on the controller, making the gaming experienced more realistic.

It is also lauded that this console comes with a built-in Wi-Fi. This means that you can initiate wireless connections with the use of this unit, which is something that is impossible with the previous PlayStations.

If you want to know more about the features of this product, you can read various PlayStation 3 160GB customer reports and see how this console can prove to be something that you should definitely have.