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Polar FT80 Heart Rate Monitor reviewsIf you are looking for a high quality fitness device, specifically for a heart rate monitor, this Polar FT80 review will provide you with more information on why this specific model can prove to be a model that you will not regret purchasing. Over the years, it has been tested and reviewed by various individuals, and it is consistent for these findings indicate that this is a top-notch choice, especially with the high level of satisfaction that has been expressed by those people who have already used this product.

The chest strap that is used in this polar heart rate monitor is made from fabric, which is commended by many users because it is more comfortable compared to other materials, such as plastic. It comes with Polar’s Wearlink and fabric strap. To make sure that the strap will be attached to your skin, you should not forget to wet its inside first. The transmitter is water resistant. If you want to turn the transmitter off, all that needs to be done is to simply remove the strap and it will automatically shut down.


In many Polar FT80 customer reports, it has been noted that one of the many things that have been liked by its users is the excellent transmission between the transmitter and the watch. Even when used for a long time, majority if its users have reported that they did not experience any single problem with connection. All throughout your workout routine, you can make sure that the connection will be consistent and that it will yield the most reliable information.

The performance of this heart rate monitor has been lauded by many people as well. In some products, you might experience problems with how the monitor performs. For instance, it is common for users to get home and be frustrated after finding out that their monitor has stopped, for whatever reason. Such will not be the case with this product. It has been proven to deliver smooth and reliable performance, making sure that you will always be provided with accurate data.

The most significant feature of this product is the watch, since it provides the brain for its operations. The fact that there is no integrated GPS may be a disadvantage for some, but in reality, many users have seen it beneficial because it made the monitor compact. Its small size has been liked by many people because t is very convenient to use. Although the text is displayed on a blacked-out background, many people did not see any problem with such because it is still very easy to read, adding the presence of an illumination that activates with a single push of a button.

In sum, this Polar FT80 review highlights the fact that this heart rate monitor enjoys the benefit of being comfortable, reliable, and functional, resulting into a high level of satisfaction from the people who have already used such. Although it seems quite more expensive compared to similar models, many have still not expressed regrets with its purchase. If you want to know more on how this can prove to be a good choice to make, read various Polar FT80 customer reports.