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Polar RS300X reviewsPolar is one of the trusted brands of heart rate monitors and now this Polar RS300X Review presents the Polar RS300X Heart Rate Monitor that is available with a foot pad. This heart rate monitor is an innovative product of technology that helps you in keeping in track of your progress during exercises and work outs. Read this review for more information.

The heart is what pumps blood throughout your body to distribute oxygen and other materials. It is extremely important for the body as it ensures that every part of the body is properly supplied. And so we must keep it healthy and strong though exercises. But of course, keeping track of its progress is of utmost importance.

More and more people are beginning to like Polar RS300X. Who wouldn’t like this heart rate when it is just what you need in your work outs. It has a lot of features that you will surely like. One of those features is the big red lap button at the bottom of the watch face which when it is pressed, the watch saves your stats for that lap but keeps on recording the rest of your workout.

When the user is done with the workout, the RS300X breaks down the workout data by lap. It also gives information about the overall workout which is great for working out at the track when running repeat distances or when training with negative splits. When this heart rate monitor is combined with the S1 Foot Pod, the heart rate monitor tracks the speed and distance as well. The S1 Foot Pod can be placed into your shoe strings. Although it looks big, it is fairly lightweight that you will barely feel a thing.

The RS300X is also capable of storing up to 16 individual workout sessions and 16 week summaries. This heart rate monitor can display the distance covered, speed, calories burned, and heart rate zones with the press of a few buttons.

It also comes with chest strap which will secure the heart rate monitor into your body. It is also comfortable to be put on so you won’t be uneasy during exercises and runs.

Polar RS300X Heart Rate Monitor Specifics and Features:

–          Stores up to 16 individual work out sessions and 16 week summaries

–          Displays the distance covered, speed, calories burned, and heart rate zones

–          Zones, speed, distance and alarms for heart rate zones can be set

–          big red lap button at the bottom of the watch face

–          Comes with chest strap

–          Lightweight


According to the Polar RS300X customer reports, the customers liked this heart rate monitor as it makes keeping in track with one’s progress a lot easier and organized.