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Power Smart DB7659 reviewsSnow build-up can be a problem for many people but cleaning it up should not be. The Power Smart DB7659 makes snow blowing easy so that you can move around in your lawn and driveway during winter. Read this Power Smart DB7659 review to learn more about its features.

The Power Smart DB7659 snow blower has been designed for small driveways. This makes it ideal for people with small parking areas at home. It throws snow farther away than a shovel. It works well on paved and gravel surfaces and can blow moderate to wet and heavy snowfall. It can handle 6 to 9 inches of snow falls.

The Power Smart snow blower is cheaper compared to bigger named brands in the market. However, it is expected since it has been designed for small home projects. If you are planning on using it for bigger areas, you may want to get another model. Nonetheless, it is very well made and has easy to use features. Set-up is also easy. It takes about half an hour to set it up and start using it. If you have trouble doing it, you can call their customer service and they will provide you with step-by-step assembly guide of your Power Smart.

Many Power Smart DB7695 customer reports like its small paw (measuring 22 inches wide by 16 inches front housing. Its relatively large engine (which is reportedly a 6.5 HP) and its small paw allow it to work better in heavy wet projects. There are some consumers who think that its small maw would mean longer snow blowing times. However, its forward top speeds make blowing lighter snow fast and easy. Its slow forward speeds on the other hand are appropriate for doing the heavier stuff.

It does not include warranty but you may still want to check to make sure. There are consumers who may hesitate to buy it without warranty as this means they will have to get it repaired at their own cost. Its great features and powerful motor though still make it worth getting for small snow blowing work. You may also want to use a fuel stabilizer with the motor to have a better snow blowing performance.

The Power Smart is definitely a great item to have at home. It is also a perfect Christmas gift for friends and family who usually have snow problems in their yard. Check out online stores as you might find a good deal for it. Many online stores will be going on sale this Christmas so you can get it at a lower price. It will also be more convenient for you as the item will be shipped to your home.