Presto 04820 customer reports


Presto 04820 reviewsFor those people who love having popcorns at home anytime, then having a popcorn popper is definitely worth investing in. With such device, you can easily serve snacks to your guests or enjoy movies at home with your all time favorite snack. Fortunately, you do not need to spend so much effort and money just to enjoy popcorn anytime because there are a lot of popcorn poppers in the market today with very friendly price tags. One popcorn popper that you may want to consider is the Presto 04820. It has the necessary features that you would want from a basic popcorn popper, plus it is so easy on the pocket. What’s more is that it is so compact, so fitting it in your kitchen or living room is easy. In this article, we will give you a brief Presto 04820 review as we discuss its features and specifications, to help you decide whether this popcorn popper truly suits your needs.

The Presto 04820 is a basic popcorn popper, but that does not mean it lacks all the important features. Actually, many users agreed that this is one of the best hot air popcorn poppers out in the market today. It is very easy to use, quick, sturdy, and reliable. The popcorn that comes out from this machine is light and crunchy. It may not be as flavourful as those cooked with oil (the Presto 04820 does not use oil for popcorn popping), but it still has good taste to satisfy anyone’s raving. Plus, it is healthier too. Furthermore, though the Presto 04820  is small and compact in size, it can fill up 18 cups in one popping. With this, you can easily serve your guests and ensure that everyone enjoys a popcorn.

In addition to that, many long time users also attested on how durable this particular popcorn popper is. Many said that they have using the device for four years now and is still working as good as the brand new. For the design, it may not look as sleek as others, but its yellow plastic air chute and white/black base are also very easy on the eyes and can actually easily fit in any space. On the other hand, there are two drawbacks that users noticed with this product (though not really big issues or deal breakers). First, the Presto 04820 lacks an on/off switch. Though, this does not affect the taste or performance of the popcorn popper, but it definitely helps ease the operation. Another drawback is its blower blows some of the kernels flying away from the bowl. To combat this drawback, some users preheat the machine or use larger bowls to catch errant kernels.

All in all, with its basic features and budget friendly price tag, the Presto 04820 is an easy recommendation. Many Presto 04820 customer reports attested to its power and durability. If you just want a popcorn popper that can cook good tasting popcorn, then the Presto 04820 is a good choice.