Buying advice for Asus VS248H


Movies, games and high quality pictures!

It’s time to change your PC monitor, since you are now reading this review. Well, choosing the right monitor can be a bit tricky since there are so many models available on the market. Reading this professional LED monitor review, will help you to understand why thousands of people, young and old, have installed on their desk Asus VS248H 24 LED monitor, a daily visual gateway to crystal clear imaging. This is the monitor you need to greet you every single day! Why? Well, starting from games, movies, documentaries and music videos to web surfing night after night, this advanced LED monitor will deliver sharp, bright and detailed images! This 24 inch LED-backlit Full HD monitor comes with Smart Contrast Ratio of 10.000.000:1 which means that the bright whites and deep dark blacks. Furthermore, it features 2 ms Trace-Free technology that ensures smooth motion during each video, because of the attentive analysis of each image pixel. In addition to the subtle and elegant design, VS248H incorporates user-friendly options such as AI Light that precisely automatically identifies surrounding light. You won’t regret installing the monitor on your desk! It also comes with Splendid Video Intelligence technology, a special option that permits you to optimize the screen color and contrast, by selecting one of the 6 preset scenarios.


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A pro LED monitor review will helps you understand better the features of Asus VS248H, and its fluid capacity to connect to PCs, laptops, gaming consoles and tablets. The model is accompanied by a stylish VESA-mountable format, completed by built-in speakers which enhance the whole visual and audio experience. This stunning 24” LED monitor is ideal for your gaming and cinematic expectations, delivering an impressive world of rich and vibrant colours. So, use it to optimize the way you perceive the daily multimedia, while seeing all of your characters come to life in vibrant images and dynamic formats. The monitor will deliver a refined image, giving you the possibility to enjoy quality recalibration and high quality pictures. Asus VS248H LED monitor comes with 6 color preset modes and also 3 skin tone modes which permits you to personalize the whole visual experience, thus making it truly special. Furthermore the Aspect Control from Asus manages to continuously auto-detect and adjust the aspect ratio in order to deliver the perfect viewing experience.

Placed among the current best PC monitors, Asus VS248H LED monitor is stylish, with a narrow frame, letting you place it everywhere. The monitor weighs only 9.7 lbs and is Energy Star certified, thus helping you save significant money at the end of the month when the electric bill comes in. It comes with the following PC Video Input: DVI-D, D-sub and also HDMI 1.3, thus expanding the whole visual experience. You won’t regret making this light but smart investment!


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