Which is the best cordless string trimmer from Black & Decker



Millions of homes in the US alone have gardens that require maintenance and attentive care. It is very important to improve the beauty of your home by having a well-cared for front and back yard. This is where a professional and efficient string trimmer can provide a much needed assistance. Under the growing demand for high quality gardening tools, one question remains to be answered: which is the most efficient string trimmer. According to the present cordless string trimmer reviews, written by technicians in order to provide a much needed source of information to prospective buyers, underline the efficiency of Black & Decker LST136 model. As you probably are aware, Black & Decker is a world renowned brand, specialized in the development of high quality gardening tools, capable of providing the desired results. LST136 high performance string trimmer has a powerful 36-volt lithium ion rechargeable battery which keeps you going all day long against the garden’s lack of beauty. You will be able to control with ease the trimmer and thus improve the visual quality of your garden. LST136 trimmer comes with the exclusive B&D PowerDrive technology which gives the 13-inch cordless tool the power needed to get the job faster and easier. Grass trimming will become an easy job, packed with satisfaction and positive results. No more anger!


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Hard-to-reach areas become a distant memory, assisting you in maintaining neat and elegant edging right alongside hard surfaces. As many of the latest top rated cordless string trimmer reviews have pointed out, Black & Decker LST136 is powered by a strong 36-volt lithium-ion battery which notably outlasts the traditional forms of power. Furthermore this high quality string trimmer received an Energy Star-rated certificate, which tells you that the battery will be charged in less than an hour. Through the PowerCommand dial, you have the possibility choose between max power in order to resolve hard and thick weeds (8500 RPM) and routine choirs that increases the battery’s life (6500 RPM). You should also know that the trimmer comes with the PowerDrive Transmission design that delivers more cutting force which helps you cut twice the amount of twigs, branches and grass.

Well, the vast advantage of the Black & Decker trimming set is the head, which can be rotated at mobile 180-degrees. This particular feature gives you the possibility to switch between cutting and edging tasks, thus limiting the time allocated to gardening choirs. Furthermore as the latest cordless string trimmer customer reports have underlined, Black & Decker includes the Automatic Feed Spool (AFS) system that uses centrifugal force in order to dispense more line during the trimming actions. The 13-inch cutting swath and the 0.065 line diameter are ideal for any cutting and trimming choirs. Taking care of your garden will be a lot easier once you begin to use the LST136 cordless trimmer.


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