Buying advice for the BlackBerry Z10


The new BlackBerry: Z10!

There are millions of BlackBerry fans around the world which can’t wait to sink their teeth in the new releases. So, if you want to know more things about the new BlackBerry Z10, you should read this article which will display the features of the smartphone. With a deeper understanding on how BlackBerry Z10 you will be able to determine if this is the model for you. This high quality smartphone is smarter, faster and quite elegant to hold in your hand anywhere you might go! Once you go through this detailed Blackberry Z10 review, you will better understand why so many Americans and Europeans love to use this smartphone any day of the week. This all-touch smartphone is ideal for both business men and passionate people about high tech gadgets and media streaming. Z10 media platform contains a wide variety of media features and special improvements. The model comes with thousands of applications that set you on the path to a subtle and great entertainment. It is accompanied by touchscreen Blackberry Keyboard that gives you the opportunity to write in style and suggest the appropriate words thus helping you to type faster than ever. Furthermore Z10 permits you to safely share content and the apps you love with ease through the Screen Share and BBM video.


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The new BlackBerry, Z10 comes with high quality 4.2 inch touchscreen display (1280 x 768) where you can see HD videos and enriched pictures. Within a short period of time, the smartphone gives you the possibility to enjoy music, books, magazines and games every time you want. The model has 3G/4G LTE connectivity and Wireless-N WiFi (802.11b/g/n), NFC communications and Bluetooth 4.0 which helps you to connect to the internet with ease, thus accessing a world of online content. BlackBerry Z10 features a powerful rear 8MP with Full HD that permits you to record in 1080p video. Furthermore the model has a front 2MP HD camera which means 720p videos, everywhere you go and anytime. You have the possibility to use the smartphone for around 10 hours of continuous usage. It also includes BlackBerry Hub, a great source where you will find messages from social networks, from Twitter, Facebook and other websites. Enjoy the effortless typing experience, thus keeping track of your friends with ease. Without any effort at all, you will be able type faster and easier than ever. The model comes with 16GB of storage room where you can place all of your favourite music, videos, photos and games with no problems at all.

One special particularity, present in this BlackBerry Z10 review is the special characteristics of the smartphone’s 8 megapixel camera. You have the possibility to crop, apply various artistic filters and afterwards display what you’ve created with friends and family. Elegant and stylish this smartphone becomes more than a smartphone, it transforms into a personal assistant of joy and excitement!


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