Which is the best baby monitor from Summer Infant


When it comes to baby care, parents displayed their desire to use a reliable video baby monitor capable of delivering continuous feedback on the child’s state. Searching for the best baby monitor in 2019 represents an important objective especially for young families that need assurance on the baby’s wellbeing day or night. Today, if we consult some of the current top rated video baby monitor reviews, drafted by satisfied baby care specialists, underline the efficiency and great operating system of Summer Infant Baby Touch Digital video baby monitor, a product appreciated for its uninterrupted observation eye on the little one. This model from Summer Infant comes equipped with an easy-to-use touchscreen which gives you the possibility to control the camera’s feature remotely. Summer video baby monitor has a modern 3-1/2-inch LCD screen that delivers sharp digital images of the child, within a range of 400 feet. Furthermore the camera can act as a centre to by to four cameras, thus monitoring any other rooms that you want. The touchscreen is highly intuitive that allows you to use it to control the camera’s zoom, scan, video volume and pan, thus enriching the connection between you and the child. Summer Infant Baby Touch has a solid magnetic docking station that maintains extra security to the monitor. One important thing to know about this particular model from Summer Baby Touch: it received the Parent Tested Parent Approved 2011 Award.


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Considered the best baby monitor in 2019, Summer Infant Baby Touch video monitor can be placed with ease on a tabletop or simply mounted on a wall; using the included hardware and security clips. Furthermore due to the presence of the talk-back option you can sing or speak to your baby from another room. The baby will feel your presence, even though you are working or doing something else. Summer Infant Baby Touch video monitor operates on 100 percent digital system, maintain a range of 400 feet range indoors for observation. You should also know that the monitor automatically adjusts itself in order to find the optimal channel; thus the best video and sound quality clarity is maintained. The monitor can run by up to 10 hours, based on the integrated rechargeable battery. In the basic package you will have four AA batteries that expand the lifespan of the monitor.

Most of the present top rated Summer Infant Baby Touch video baby monitor customer reports emphasize the welcoming presence of the parent features. The model features an automatic black and white night vision that gives allows you to monitor the baby’s room even during the night. Furthermore Summer Infant Baby Touch has on/off button and also an automatic time-out feature that saves battery life. One subtle aspect of the monitor is the USB and A/V jacks which give you the possibility to connect the monitor to your big screen TV.


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