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Purify the air you breathe!

Well, people have recently expressed their desire to identify the most efficient air purifier, from the ones available on the market. This search is not uncommon because everyone loves to walk into a home and breathe fresh air, without the presence of nasty odour, dust or mold spores. Fortunately, we managed to consult most of the current top rated air purifier reviews in 2019 and determined that Winix WAC9500 received the highest marks. Considered by many as the ultimate air cleaning device from Winix, WAC9500 is ideal for large rooms with pets. Combining comfort with style, Winix WAC9500 was designed to tackle and exceed rigorous standards placed forth by pet owners, and clean the air without experiencing any problems at all. Still, Winix WAC9500 is ideal for families with or without pets, being a professional and efficient air purifier.

The model comes with PlasmaWave and features a 5-Stage precise cleaning process that fully captures pet odours or nasty smells, placing instead a clean and fresh environment, worthy of breathing. Considered one of the last large room air purifier, WAC9500 comes equipped with the 99.99% efficient True-HEPA filtration system. Furthermore this powerful air purifier includes an advanced odour control which is washable, an activate carbon filter, Nano silver treatment and the superior and highly acclaimed Smart Sensor technology. You won’t ever have to worry about breathing anything else than fresh and clean air in your room.


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Receiving high marks from the present top rated air purifier reviews in 2019, Winix WAC9500 provides superior air control over household and pet odours, allergens, dust and pollutants. The model is certified to clean to specifically clean around 284 square feet. This air purifier from Winix includes a 5-stage cleaning system: washable anti-bacterial pre-filter, True HEPA filter, Nano silver Anti-microbial treatment, washable advanced odor control and finally PlasmaWave system. Due to the complete air cleaning system, the purifier precisely absorbs and neutralizes pet and household odours within a short period of time. You need to know that the carbon filter is made out of natural coconut shell which is 3 times more efficient in removing ammonia than any other carbon filters.


Easy to use, reliable and efficient!

As the best air purifier for large rooms, Winix WAC9500 is equipped with an efficient True-HEPA filter that manages to remove 99.99% of all air pollutants, even as small as 0.3 microns. The HEPA filter traps the pet dander, soot, smoke, mold spores, pollen and microbial airborne which the human eye can’t see. High Efficiency Particulate Arresting filter, according to the latest technical reviews, represents the most effective method of filtering air.


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