Best coconut water from Zico


Coconut water, delicious and healthy!

Today, people are very increasingly attentive with what they eat and drink. Looking at the worrying statistics which display that the number of overweight people is growing year after year, healthy living needs to be a daily ritual. This is why, men and women are trying to eat and drink healthy but also tasty drinks. Well, thousands of people are drinking coconut water, known for its high quality composition and positive effects on the organism. Which is the tastiest coconut water? According to the present best coconut water reviews, written by thousands of satisfied young and more mature people, it seems that Zico LLC Pure premium coconut water is a great drink, both tasty and healthy.

This drink is diligently hand harvested from various Thai coconuts exactly when the water inside, gathers the appropriate level of potassium and also optimal balance of electrolytes. Recent medical studies have demonstrated that coconut water represents the perfect hydration intake. Whenever you start drinking Zico LLC Pure premium coconut water you will benefit from light and subtle refreshment and also a nutty flavour profile from the latest fresh green Thai coconuts. Quality is present every time you will drink the water, present in a convenient 1-liter tetra carton. Mark Rampolla created Zico coconut water, when he was as a Peace Corps volunteer in Central America. This coconut water was specially created for people that want to healthy and hydrated after small or prolonged effort.


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Well, thousands of people can answer this question in many ways but some are frequently invoked. At a serving of 8-ounce the water has only 43 calories, thus keeping your figure slim. One important thing: ZERO fat, ZERO added sugar and ideally ZERO cholesterol. Zico LLC pure coconut water comes packed with electrolytes and 15 x potassium than any of the latest sport drinks. Coconut water is a powerful and natural source of nutrition, hydration and also wellness. This special and high quality water is one of the prime choices for professional athletes and beginners. If you embrace the ZICO coconut water, you will undoubtedly feel a lot better. This coconut water provides more hydration than water and for those adventurous people that love to party, an excellent recovery the day after.

As some of the current best coconut water reviews have described, Zico LLC Pure comes with 5 essential electrolytes: Magnesium, Sodium, Calcium, Potassium and Phosphorus. The water has 5 pH; a low acidity than any of the current sport drinks and juices. Drink with confidence this coconut water after you’ve worked out and feel the difference between using other drinks and Zico.


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