Highest Rated Golf Club Set from Prosimmon


2. Prosimmon Golf X9 Tall + 1 Mens Graphite & Steel Hybrid Club SetPros

As stated in the Prosimmon Golf X9 club set reviews it is designed to help taller players stay comfortable, and improve their swing.

You have the advantage of the additional hybrid clubs which will help improve the accuracy on long distance shots.

Often considered the best golf club set from Prosimmon it includes everything you need to play 18 holes.

This lightweight set is easy to carry, especially with the included professionally styled bag.



It should be noted that the bag is not designed to stand up on its own. While this does not affect the performance of the clubs, it can be inconvenient on longer courses.


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Benefits Explained


  • One of the main problems taller golfers have is the uncomfortable position they are in when they are using standard size golf clubs. Not only does constantly bending over result in back pain it also interferes with the accuracy of your swing. This set of golf clubs is designed to help solve this problem, and you will be amazed at what the extra inch of height does for your game.

1. Prosimmon Golf X9 Tall + 1 Mens Graphite & Steel Hybrid Club Set

  • Not all golfers are able to use the standard irons included in most club sets, which is why you will appreciate the included 3 and 4 hybrids. Designed to be more forgiving with your swing, you will also love the larger sweet spot that is easier to hit. Perfect for novice players who want to improve their scores, you also have the advantage of the larger 460cc head on the titanium driver which makes it easy to make accurate distance shots.


  • Everything you need to improve your game is included with this golf club set, including a pitching wedge with a lightweight graphite shaft. The additional irons also use a stiff staff, which helps to improve your control and performance. When you get on the green you will love how the putter helps to control and guide your ball. It will align your shot so you ball drops easily in the hole, which always helps your overall score.


  • You also have the advantage of the included bag, which makes it easy to carry your clubs around the course. The dividers help keep your clubs organized so you can easily grab the right one for your next shot, and the padded strap won’t rub uncomfortably against your shoulder. It also includes plenty of pockets to hold extra tees and balls, along with your wallet and other valuables. With places to keep your gloves and towel, this golf club bag with help you stay organized and ready to play.



This is the best men’s golf irons for taller players who are tired of getting a backache after the first couple holes. The extra inch added to the standard height makes it easier for taller golfers to stay comfortable and control their swing. Perfect for beginners and even experienced players, this golf club set can give you the performance and control you need to finally improve your game.


Buy from Amazon for ($299.99)