Pyle PLW10BL reviews


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Pyle PLW10BL reviews

If you want to add life to your sound entertainment, it would be advisable to get one of those subwoofers that are out in the market. One subwoofer that you may want to consider is the Pyle PLW10BL. Manufactured by Pyle, this ten inch subwoofer promises to deliver 600 watts of peak power. With that, you are sure to enjoy every beat of your sound. In this Pyle PLW10BL review, we will take you in a little ride of what this particular subwoofer is all about. We hope that we can serve as reference once you decide to get yourself a subwoofer. For a subwoofer, Pyle PLW10BL is pretty inexpensive (priced at less than $23-$28), but that does not mean it is below standard quality.  Actually, at its price range, Pyle PLW10BL has a lot to offer. It has a good design, durable built and construction, and excellent sound quality. But keep in mind that, this is a mid range subwoofer, so do not expect it to have the superior qualities that you can get from higher end subwoofers.

Pyle PLW10BL offers it users 600 watts of peak power to give your sound system an added kick. This amount of power is absolutely enough for an average person. Furthermore, the makers of Pyle PLW10BL made sure that its proud owners will truly be proud of this subwoofer as it does not only sounds great, but are also pleasing to the eyes. The design of Pyle PLW10BL is carefully thought out to look and sound good.

It comes in blue CD wave electro-plated cone and is surrounded by butyl rubbers that help you get the most out of the subwoofer. The rubbers are also designed to protect the subwoofer from all the stresses it may encounter from the harsh environment of an auto like sunlight and extreme temperatures.  Moreover, the Pyle PLW10BL has 1.5 inch voice coil that is very well suited for high temperatures. With this, your subwoofer gets added protection.

In conclusion, if you want a subwoofer, Pyle PLW10BL definitely delivers. Though, of course, as many Pyle PLW10BL customer reports put it, higher end subwoofers still have better sound quality. But if you are short or saving on cash, this particular subwoofer does not come short.  Pyle PLW10BL  is very easy to install. No need to shell out extra money to set it up on your car or truck. Furthermore, it offers excellent sound quality and is well built. Many consumers are very happy with this product and can attest on how it sounds nice and clear. Though there are not a lot of deep bass with this subwoofer, but overall, the bass is still good. All in all, if you want a basic subwoofer, then Pyle PLW10BL  is definitely worth your money.