Racor Pro PLB-2R customer reports


Racor Pro PLB-2R reviews

This Racor Pro PLB-2R for sale is a freestanding bike stand has been receiving a lot of attention because it is not only functional but it also looks good. In addition, the unit is also easy to assemble. This unit is easy to transfer from one place to another which is a great feature, it only weighs approximately 20 lbs and this model provides the user an anchor for extra stability.  This Racor Pro PLB-2R review will provide you with the necessary information about this product to help you decide if this unit is suitable for you.

This unit from Racor Pro is the best one of its kids – great for saving space especially to those who doesn’t have enough area for storage, when you mount the bikes; one is on top of the other which makes it more effective as a bike stand. And with all of the things and tools that we want to fit in the garage, this is a perfect product for you. You just have to make sure that it’s out of reach of small kids because of its height and the bike on the top rack.

This should need lifting, of course, but with 20 lbs, it’s be easier to move around compared to others which makes Racor Pro PLB-2R deals worth it.

Don’t worry about the bikes falling off because this bike stand is designed so that the bikes will stay securely in place, also it is designed to fit 2 bikes on the rack with ease and would look great in any setting. Also, there is an anchor for added stability when storing the bikes.

Another reason why you should take advantage of the Racor Pro PLB-2R discounted price is that you can actually select from a 2 bike option and a four bike section. Since the average American household has just one or two bikes, the more popular one is the 2 bike option.

This gravity bike rack is able to store your bike even when you have a compact space in your homes and you shouldn’t worry about assembling the thing because there’s an easy step by step instruction for the set-up of the bike rack.

This bike stand is built with black epoxy finished coating for durability; it is also designed with a coat of vinyl that would definitely protect the bikes from scratches and scuffing.  Another feature is the adjustment arms that are independent that offer level bike storage; it also comes with a mounting bolt that is optional that is offered for wall mounting. The bike rack measures about 27” when it comes to width, extending to around 21” from wall and 82” tall. All these features and more makes Racor Pro PLB-2R ratings consistently high since it was released by Racor Pro.