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Remington S5500 reviews

There are many hair straightening machines that are available in the market. In the present time, everyone desires to have this type of machine in his or her home to style hair. These machines are getting very much popular these days. there are number of manufacturing companies that are manufacturing these machines. Most of these machines have some inherent and built in defects due to which the life of these machines are note very long and they usually wear out in small interval of time. So there should be a machine that can fulfill your demands and requirements. Remington S5500 is the only machine that can fulfill your demands and requirements. Remington S5500 review tells you the various features and characteristics of this machine that make it different and unique from other ordinary machines. So if you are looking for a machine of this sort then this is the perfect option for you. In order to get this machine, you just need to place the order online and the machine will be delivered to you at your home.

The price and shipment charges of this machine are also very less and affordable. So now you can make your hair straight according to the way you want. Remington S5500 is there for this job.

There are floating plate’s type that has been installed in this machine. Other machines do not have floating plates. These plates enable you the smooth straightening of your hair. The temperature range of this machine is from 150 degree Celsius to 230 degree Celsius. This temperature range is enough for the desired job. Ceramic coating is done on the plates. This coating is very reliable. Further the life time of this coating is very much long as compared to other coatings. This coating enables the smooth and comfortable straightening of hair. The heat up time of this machine is also very much less. Only 15 seconds are required to heat up the machine. There is LCD interface for the users. By using the LCD you can easily control the parameters of the machine.

Remington S5500 customer reports tell that there is 1.8 meter cord that has been provided with the machine for better functioning and portability. 120 – 240 volts of power is required to run this machine. It means that you can run this machine on ordinary power supply. There is no need to add any step up or step down voltage device before this.

It is very much interesting to note that manufacturing company has provided 3 years replacement warranty. If there is any defect in the machine then company will fix it for you. So it is useless to wait and look up for any other machine, this machine is there for your job.