Highest Rated Sling Box Alternative from Roku 3


1.Roku 3 4230R Streaming Media PlayerBenefits

This model easily earns top points as the best sling box alternative from Roku as it offers a vast content library you can explore to the hilt.

The Roku 3 offers dual-band WiFi plus Ethernet connectivity.

The device also outputs 1080p full HD video, as well as 720p HD.

You can easily connect the Roku 3 to your HDTV through HDMI.

The Roku 3 offers the user the choice of control.



As stated in one of the Roku 3 streaming media player reviews, this model ships without a simple mounting component for attachment to your TV, but the small footprint of the device offers easy and convenient placement.


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Benefits Explained

Offering over 2,000 entertainment channels, the Roku 3 provides access to over 250,000 free and subscription-based TV shows and movies. You can also select from a tremendous library of music, sports, news and plenty of others. The Roku Search functionality makes it effortless to see what’s on, so you can view it for free or using a subscription. You can search by title, actor or director using the remote. The Roku Feed enables you to know when new movies are to be streamed and what channel they will be on, as well as their cost. The Roku 3 also allows content sharing via a free Roku app with Play On that enables you to beam songs, videos and photos from your portable device to the TV.

2.Roku 3 4230R Streaming Media Player

Offering dual-band WiFi along with Ethernet connectivity, the Roku 3 delivers even greater levels of enjoyment. It provides WiFi a/b/g/n, Ethernet and USB connectivity. The onboard microSD slot offers additional storage capability. Effortlessly share content with supported devices and wirelessly mirror them for smooth multimedia playback. The Roku 3 enables problem-free placement thanks to its superbly small footprint.


The 2019 Roku 3 4230R Streaming Media Player can play 720p HD as well as 1080p Full HD video via HDMI. You can watch what you want in crystal-clear detail and quality so TV moments are always a hit with the entire family. Be able to view movies the way the creators envisioned them for you. Enjoy vivid, lifelike images that let you watch superbly reproduced details to enhance your viewing experience.


With a separately purchased HDMI cable, you can have a wider choice of devices to integrate with the Roku 3 4230R Streaming Media Player. The HDMI support offers flexibility. The headphone jack and motion control support for gaming built into the enhanced remote control offer expanded use. Offering fast processing performance, the Roku 3 has channel shortcut buttons that allow easy access to widely used streaming channels. You can send direct to the TV from YouTube and Netflix apps, or simply use Channel Quick Start for fast loading of Netflix and YouTube.


You can utilize the included remote, which enables you to do voice search for streaming content. The Roku 3 also lets you install the free app and utilize a compatible tablet or smartphone to control this best streaming player with voice search. Simply use the same easy-use buttons on the standard Roku remote. The Roku app comes with a virtual keyboard that lets you type instead of swipe. The app is usable with Android, iOS and Windows Phone units.



The 2019 Roku 3 streaming media player offers the best that the entertainment world can provide. It allows you to search over 2,000 entertainment channels for subscription-based or free shows and movies to make TV watching a truly enjoyable experience every time. The Roku 3 app offers voice search capability and support for use with your mobile device.


Buy from Amazon for ($122)