Rola 59102 customer reports


Rola 59102 review

If you are a person who often needs to travel with your bike or car from one place to another taking a long trip to the deserts, rivers or mountains for a picnic, then certainly you need a good and dependable cargo bag to hold all your stuff without having any sort of issue. Right now, we are not talking about the bulky roof top carriers; these kinds of products are just too heavy and not very easy to use. What we are actually talking about is Rola 59102 which is an outstanding hitch cargo bag. Well, a question could arise in the minds of many people that is “Why only Rola 59102?” The answer of this question is quite simple, because it has been proved from a wide range of Rola 59102 customer reports that it is well built, well designed and most importantly it is an incredibly sturdy travelling bag.


The bag is crafted by using top quality and material which is very thick and it also contains a heavy duty zipper. There are some travelling bags available in the market who cannot handle the exploitation of long trips across the different types of unknown terrains, but when it comes to the Rola 59102 cargo bag then it has the ability to survive in all kinds of circumstances. Securing and attaching the bag with your vehicle is very easy, as it comes with the heavy duty six straps that ensure the safety of all of your stuff even when you are riding on the uneven and rough tracks.

When it comes to the storage space then it has been discovered from the Rola 59102 review that this bag is very spacious. When the bag is zipped then its maximum capacity to store stuff is about 9.5 cubic feet, which is large enough to carry necessary things that you might need during your journey such as tent, comforters, pillows, cloths, sleeping bags etc. The Rola 59102 is designed to fit on the cargo tray which is hitch mounted, but as it is only 18/22 inch x 19 inch x 49 inch so it could not fill the whole cargo tray.

This way, if you have some amount of extra stuff that you cannot place in the bag then you can use this cargo tray.

Another great feature of Rola 59102 cargo bag is that it is 100% water proof. These days, some travelling bags are advertised as waterproof bags but actually they only have the water resistant capability and there is a huge difference between these two things. The Rola 59102 is a water proof bag which means the bag will never collect moisture inside it even after the hours of heavy snowfall or rain.