Expert Advice for Finding the Safest Cribs


A crib is the central part of any nursery. This is why many parents focus on getting a model that looks absolutely beautiful. While this may be of some importance, it isn’t the most crucial feature when it comes to cribs, because that feature is safety. Indeed, there’s no use having a gorgeous crib, but which is not entirely safe for your little one.

Now, finding the safest cribs 2019 can be quite challenging at first, because there are so many models out there. However, if you do your research, and gain a full understanding of the kind of features that make a crib very safe, the job will be a whole lot easier. By doing this, finding the best crib 2019 will be very easy.

A.Safest Cribs

Stationary Sides

Years back, there used to be a lot of cribs made with drop sides. The reason for this was that people found it a lot easier to pick their babies up by lowering the side first. While this is perfectly true, drop sides pose a danger to the baby, especially once he or she is able to stand up. That’s because if anything goes wrong, the baby can easily push the side down, and then fall out of the crib. Obviously, this isn’t something any parent would want, which is why you shouldn’t get a crib with drop sides.

The safest cribs 2019 certainly have stationary sides. In fact, you shouldn’t really be able to find drop sides anymore, but if you’re thinking of getting a used crib (which we recommend you don’t do), then watch out for this.


Mattress Height

The mattress height is another very important safety factor. If it’s too high, when your baby grows a little, and can stand on his or her own, they might fall out of the crib very easily. Keeping this in mind, it’s quite easy to see why it the lower the mattress, the safest it would be.

However, the problem is that if you’re trying to get the baby out of the crib, it can be very hard to do so if the mattress is very low. As such, the best crib 2019 will have adjustable mattress height, so that you’ll be able to have it higher up when the baby is just a newborn, but lower it once he or she grows a little.


Simple Design

Once again, it can be very tempting to purchase a beautiful looking crib, because it will make the entire nursery look amazing. As such, some parents tend to gravitate towards cribs that have a lot of ornaments.

Nevertheless, we advise you to stay away from those, since they can be quite dangerous. Indeed, the safest cribs 2019 are very plain, particularly because ornaments can be swallowed by babies. If they’re too big to be swallowed, then they still pose the risk of injuring the baby if they fall. The great news here, however, is that getting a plain crib doesn’t mean getting an ugly one; there are plenty of beautiful models that lack ornaments.


Safest Cribs in 2019


There are so many models out there, that it can be quite overwhelming. In order to help you out, we looked through the top rated baby cribs 2019, and found the 3 safest cribs 2019.


Stork Craft Tuscany


1.Stork Craft TuscanyThis crib is perfectly safe for you little one. First of all, it has stationary sides that are very solid. As such, you can be sure that your baby won’t fall out of the crib, and because they are so solid, you can also rest assured that they won’t give in and break, no matter how much he or she attempts to climb on them.

The mattress can be adjusted to 4 different positions. As we mentioned before, this means that when you first get the little one home, you can use the highest position, because that will make it easier for  you to pick up the newborn. Once time passes, and he or she grows, you can lower the mattress, and not worry about his or her safety.

If you have any other concerns about its safety, you really shouldn’t. That’s because it has either met or exceeded all standards from both the US and Canada.

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Delta Children Canton 4 in 1


2.Delta Children CantonThis is yet another model that’s very safe for your little baby. Its mattress can be adjusted to 3 different levels, so that your child won’t have any chances of falling out. You’ll also love to find out that it has a non toxic finish, which was rigorously tested to ensure its safety. In fact, it either meets or exceeds the standards imposed by the US government, and by the ASTM. As for the rest of its features, this model also exceeds or meets the standards imposed by the CPSC.

In terms of assembly, it’s very easy. Indeed, it was made to not give you any headaches, and this is perfect, because as a parent, the last thing you need is more stress.

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Davinci Jayden 4 in 1


3.Davinci JaydenIf you’re looking for a white and safe crib, with a fresh appeal, then this is the one for you. Indeed, it would go perfectly well in a tight space with white walls, because it will blend in, creating the illusion of more space. Of course, it will look beautiful regardless of the room’s size or color.

In terms of safety, you can be sure that your little one won’t have any problems. It’s free from phthalates and lead, thanks to the careful, multi-step non toxic painting process it has gone through. In addition, it has a 4 level mattress support, which means that you’ll have even more options for the position of the mattress.

If you’re worried about being able to reach your child when they’re sleeping, you shouldn’t, because it has a lower profile, designed especially to make it easier for parents to take their children out of the crib. Finally, this model has also met ASTM and CPSC standards, and is also certified by the JPMA.

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