Buying advice on ATIV Book 6


Touch the future with Samsung Book 6!

If you are a media fan or a dedicated business person then you know of the stunningly designed touchscreen laptops. Due to the technological surge, key developments and people’s growing passion for touchscreen devices, top brands like Samsung, Asus and many others decided to create touchscreen laptops. Some deserve your attention but others present nothing special. Yet, if you are searching for the best touchscreen laptop then you should revise with more attention Samsung ATIV Book 6, a stunning that immediately becomes the ideal travel companion. A detailed Samsung ATIV Book 6 review will point out with clarity why this laptop is different from other models and why it deserves more of your attention.

The laptop comes with a Full HD 15.6 inch touchscreen display which helps you to see in HD movies, TV-shows, games and even concerts. You have the possibility to multitask, handle with ease various applications without worrying about lag, due to the presence of a powerful Intel Core i7 processor. If you are ready for the next laptop experience, paved with high quality features which will make any business project a lot easier, then Book 6 from Samsung is exactly what you need. The touch-friendly Windows 8 operating system will create the optimal computing experience making every action intuitive and extremely simple, thus helping you connect with people, access websites, play games and run various applications with no problems whatsoever.


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As one of the best touchscreen laptop, available to the general public, the model is powered by a powerful Intel Core i7 of 2.4 GHz processor and also AMD Radeon HD 8770M of 1GB which permits you to run various applications at once with no problems whatsoever. You can touch, swipe, pinch and zoom with ease, due to the customizable touchscreen experience always ready to impress and delight. Furthermore ATIV Book 6 comes equipped with 8 GB of RAM and also 1 TB of storage hard drive which gives you the possibility to store with ease movies, games or anything you want.

Due to the presence of Samsung SideSync option you can connect your Samsung phone with Book easy and fast, transforming it into a high quality Virtual Phone, unlike anything you’ve ever used before. The Intel Core i7 Processor will assist you with precision during any work, thus enhancing your productivity levels. This computer will wake up in just 2 seconds and boot up in an impressive 16 seconds. In addition to the futuristic design, this 15.6 inch touchscreen laptop incorporates a silent AMD Radeon HD 8770M graphics card that casts aside the presence of lag or buffers as you play games or run demanding software programs. Everything runs smoothly due to the 8 GB DDR 3 memory, keeping you in touch with the development of work without worrying of falling behind.


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