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Samsung BD-E6500 reviews

For those people who are on the lookout for a new blu-ray player but still undecided with regards to what specific model to purchase, this Samsung BD-E6500 review will provide you with the information that you will need in order to know the different features of this model. By the end of this article, especially after weighing the pros and cons, you will find it easier to decide if this one is the perfect model for your needs. In the nutshell, this blu-ray player is excellent with regards to load times, image quality, and aesthetics, although the most common pitfall noted by many people who have already used the product is that they were able to experience some lags in the response of the product with remote commands.

In many Samsung BD-E6500 customer reports, this blu-ray player has been categorized by the manufacturer as belonging to their mid-level product line. However, you will realize that this model is rich with various features, and you will actually think that it is one of their higher end models. If you want to be doing more with your blu-ray player, you should know that this model has a built-in Wi-Fi capability and you can access Samsung’s SmartHub. Aside from the various apps that you can enjoy, this player will allow you to connect to the internet and stream variety of online content and access social networking sites, among other things.

The gloss-black finish of this blu-ray player has also received positive remarks from many people who have already bought such. It makes a very sophisticated and elegant addition to your entertainment room. In addition, apart from being sleek, it is also light, although not too light compared to other models that you can find within its product category.

This Samsung BD-E6500 review highlights the quick loading capability as one of the best things in this product in terms of performance. Once the disc is inserted, it will play in as fast as 25 seconds. In some other blu-ray players, it is common to take almost a minute, or even more than, before the disc can finally load. In addition, many have also lauded its quiet operation.

However, like in any other players, there are some downsides on this model. Apart from the low remote response, many did not also like the fact that it updates often, sometimes, even thrice within a month. The problem with this frequent updating lies on the fact that after the update, all of the previous apps are deleted. However, this is just a minor concern, especially if you find the over-all performance more important. It has been noted in various Samsung BD-E6500 customer reports that only few customers expressed disappointment over some of its pitfalls.