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Get a special tablet for your media life!

Everyone loves having a modern and high quality tablet around, one that can help them see movies, play games, organise various work documents and browse the internet from website to website. Still, the sheer numbers of models present on the market makes it pretty difficult to identify the ideal device, which reunites all the features of a reliable source of entertainment and fun. Looking at the current tablet charts, one model reunites thousands of satisfied customers from all over the world: Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0! This specially designed electronic device can become a trust-worthy companion to anyone, young or old. If you are a student looking for the purest form of media entertainment or a business man trying to create professional presentations for work, then this tablet from Samsung will certainly add a touch of technical precision in your life, besides many other interesting media features.


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Let’s understand more things about how Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 tablet works and see if it can revolutionize the way you perceive daily media entertainment. Receiving high marks from the latest Galaxy Note reviews, present in IT magazines and technical websites, the tablet is a great addition to anyone. This electronic device is perfect for virtually any media action: watching movies, TV-shows, documentaries, drawing in the park something beautiful or simply creating business presentations. How much is the Samsung galaxy note might be on your mind, but you need to relax because it won’t take too much money from your pocket. Note 8.0 delivers a sleek performance in a stunning design, impressing through the advanced settings and the unique S Pen, which becomes the ideal  instrument for dreamers, thinkers, artists, professionals and media lovers.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 3

Do you love to watch TV on your tablet? If your answer is yes, then you should know that this tablet Samsung includes WatchON application which will revolutionise the way you perceive portable television. You can even use the tablet as a universal remote, perfect for your home entertainment system. As the latest Galaxy note reviews pointed out, WatchON represents the ultimate integrated search engine for a tablet. All you need to do is tell what content you desire to watch and the application will search from local stations to VOD services to YouTube in order to provide you with exactly what you want to watch. It’s that simple to watch what you want when you want too.


Let’s talk about the S Pen…

Well, the high quality S Pen from Samsung permits you to write draw, write, and edit photos and videos with ease! The Pen has a stylus top that includes around 1024 levels of pressure sensitivity thus providing you the precision you need to annotating books, doing the grocery, editing media files, personalizing business emails or simply browsing around the internet. In a nutshell, S Pen creates a new and exciting way to interact with the tablet.

Note 8.0 permits you to run around 20 applications in the same time, because it features a powerful 1.6 GHz Quad-Core processor and 2 GB of RAM. You won’t have to worry about lag or other technical restrictions once you begin using the tablet.


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