Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 reviews


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Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 reviews

When it comes to high quality tablets one name always seems to come up: Samsung Galaxy Tab. With the 2 newer and more elegant version, Samsung managed to reach a new level of technological delight, offering to the people a device which delivers high performance every time it is turned on. Most of the present Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 reviews, drafted with attention by thousands of satisfied users and specialized technicians, underline the solid construction of the device and also the beautiful design of the model. The tablet allows the user to enjoy music, movies, TV-shows, games and applications wherever he may go. Samsung expertize is embedded in all the features of the tablet and for this reason people using it benefit from a heighten experience.


The Galaxy Tab 2 has a 10.1-inch touchscreen, powered by the highly acclaimed Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich that maintains a fluid and strong operating system. Using the Samsung Media hub you will have access to countless movies and other forms of visual entertainment. Furthermore you can use the Galaxy Tab 2 as a universal remote control for your home devices capable of streaming music, videos and pictures due to the presence of the Samsung AllShare service.

The 10.1-inch multi-touch 720p high definition screen and the internal 16GB internal memory that can be extended through the micro SD by up to 32GB, permits you to put your favourite files on the tablet to be played everywhere you go. The latest Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 customer reports emphasize on the product’s capacity to connect with other devices, via Bluetooth, wireless N Wi-Fi (802.11b/g/n) and also have a solid GPS system equipped with Latitude and Google Maps. The model has a powerful 1GHz Dual-Core processor and 1GB of RAM that maintain a strong operating system every time it is turned on, irrespective of the applications opened.

One special feature of the tablet, described with great enthusiasm in all the current Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 customer reports is the subtle multimedia experience maintained with precision by all the interconnected features. Through the Samsung TouchWiz interface you will be able to read live news, to check the weather and much other important information to make the day a lot easier and better. Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 is a great device that delivers performance and joy.