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Samsung MZ-7PC128B customer reports


SAMSUNG MZ-7PC128B reviewsSSD or the Solid-State Drive is a powerhouse of performance for the computers. In this age, Samsung 830 Series MZ-7PC128B SSD is one of the best SSDs there are. How and why? Read about it in this Samsung MZ-7PC128B Review.

Precisely engineered, Samsung MZ-7PC128B SSD is known for its exceptional performance. Samsung designs and manufactures its own NAND, Controller, and DRAM Cache components making the SSD’s performance matchless when it comes to every detail.

Designed for computer activities like playing multimedia files, SAMSUNG 830 Series MZ-7PC128B is useful for every computer activities. It can also boot up your system in as little as 15 seconds and can offer random read speeds of up to 80,000 IOPS. It also has a maximum read speed of 520 MB/s and a maximum sequential write speed of 400 MB/s.

This drive also features a sturdy metal shell which protects it from shock, dust, and corrosion.

Having the thickness of only 0.28 inches and only 2.15 ounces in weight, this SSD is slim and light enough to be put in small PC cases. It also contains no moving parts which make it use less power making it power-saving.

It Samsung SSD Magician software also provides a system information and enables performance benchmarking, performance optimization, OS optimization, firmware updates, data security, and over-provisioning. It is also compatible with Microsoft Windows 7 (32-bit and 64-bit), Windows Vista, Windows XP, Mac OS X, and Linux systems.

It also comes in full-installation kit form which includes mounting hardware and a copy of Norton Ghost. It also delivers superior multi-tasking performance with Samsung 3-Core MCX Controller and toggle NAND technology.

Samsung  MZ-7PC128B SSD Specifics and Features:

–           Powerhouse performance

–           Precision engineering

–          Includes Samsung Magician software to keep drive performance at peak condition

–          Ultra-slim to accommodate PCs or laptops of any size

–          Capacity: 64 GB; 128 GB; 256 GB; 512 GB

–          Form Factor: 2.5-inch

–          Interface: SATA3 (SATA 6Gbits/s)

–          Random Read Speeds: 80,000 IOPS

–          Memory Type: Toggle DDR 2xnm class NAND Flash

–          Included Software: Samsung Magician 3.1

–          Product Dimensions: 0.28 by 2.75 by 3.94 in.

According to the Samsung MZ-7PC128B customer reports, this SSD was extremely helpful in speeding the performance of computers. It is the ideal solution to the computing needs and activities. It has a lot of features such as high speed multitasking performances and high compatibility to wide choices of systems. When asked about the SSD, customers commented that there is no other devices that is as helpful as SAMSUNG MZ-7PC128B SSD.